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God damn, I loved that guy. My wind is gone. I'm stunned. He made me so happy on the Bombcast and on Twitter. This is the worst.

My best to all of you. I can't even imagine what it's like for the crew at Giant Bomb if I'm feeling such loss.

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Holy shit! All these photos of the stands in one place!

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Wow. They've really had their spirits crushed. But given some time to recover, I wonder if they'll ever return to games.

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I own everything Silent Hill, and for years I've known that makes me a sucker. I guess this is Konami's way of telling me to stop being stupid. Deal.

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All these famous people are just actors.

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Who cares if MS makes money off it or not? If it's the best tablet on the market, I'll buy it. That's why I have a WP7 phone. MS loses money on it? Not my problem. You don't have one? Enjoy pretending your phone is better just because more people have one and it has more fart apps to choose from. When I pay for something, all I care about is my experience with it. I don't root for companies. Why do you?

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Why am I the only one disturbed that Nintendo has not released a date or a price for the Wii U that is supposedly coming out this year? Did I miss something that no one cares to talk about?

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Whatever the next AC game is, I won't buy it until after the reviews are out or maybe even wait for the first price drop. ACR was a pretty unnecessary pre-order.

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@yevinorion said:

Well at least they didn't make this one limited edition so it could bug out and forever end people's dreams of having Abe Lincoln telling them how awesome they are.

You have that problem, too? I also have all the Limited Ed quests, but it keeps telling me I don't have 6 Non Explosives Sploding, which was never a quest on Giant Bomb. I haven't missed Abe Lincoln this much since the day he was shot.

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@AgnosticJesus: Maybe we use different methods of counting. Maybe you can tell me which tab has more than one button that takes you to the content or ap you want... Some tabs have no content buttons, but a button for "My Video Aps" or something similar, which is their way of saying "Take me to a page that looks like what this page should look like if you were concerned about usability."

The new features aren't bad, but it's a shame all the new functionality takes a back seat to filling the screen with rapidly scrolling ads. I'm actually fine with the ads in the current dash, but in the new dash they are just over prioritized

and get in the way of actually using your Xbox.