What Vidya Games in my Rap SONGS?!

So, lately I've been fascinated with finding rap songs that incorporate video games in someway. Whether through samples or lyrical content, and these aren't just random fan made mash-ups either.

While not a standard long form blog entry, I thought I'd share some of my findings with you without going on the forums proper and hitting y'all upside the head with "Youtube Spam!!!"

So without further ado... Youtube Spam!!!

Vast Aire & Kenyattah Black rapping over the title music of Super Metroid.

Dom Kennedy rhyming over Chrono Trigger's Guardia Forest Theme.

Percee P & Diamond D (BRONX STAND UP!!!!... sorry bout that.) doing their thing over Contra's Title Theme.

BrandUn DeShay and Charles Hamilton rapping about 11/11 over Sonic 1+2's Level Complete theme. The ones before they went to shit. Don't lie to yourselves, y'all know it's true.

While not using a video game sample, XV rhymes over a beat that "Feels Soulful... but Powerful." Which invokes the song's title of Chaka Shao Khan. (Chaka Khan + Shao Kahn = Soulfully Powerful)

So yeah, crazy huh. There's a lot more out there, and hey feel free to add any of your finds below. I also might update this entry from time to time with new stuff as well.

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Does this count:

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@video_game_king: You know what? For the sheer awesomeness of that DQ remix; you sir, get a free pass.

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NWA vs. Elder Scrolls

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Vast Aire and Percee P are dope. That's all I have to contribute to this thread.

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Droppin' some old school beats, here.

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@soapy86: Nice mash-up there, but damn I forgot how ugly dem Morrowind characters were.

Vast Aire and Percee P are dope. That's all I have to contribute to this thread.

You are correct.

@spaceinsomniac: great adds.

Aesop Rock's ode to LSD aka The Greatest Pac-Man Victory In History.

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Super Nintendo. Sega Genesis. When I was dead broke, man, I couldn't picture this.

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Del's Proto Culture

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I know you said no fan remixes, but this is just too good. Who doesn't love Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger?

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@twinsunian: I knew someone would bring up Del eventually. Raise it bit by bit.

@ottoman673: I don't mind if you guys post fan remixes, and Chrono Jigga is a fun listen.