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I thought the game was fine, but if/when they release a sequel I Hope they Red Steel 2 the hell out of it. I think something like Watch Dogs would have worked better in a Cyberpunk setting than using a near future Chicago.

Just my 2 cents if you ask me.

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Since they pushed back Dragon Age, it looks like Shadow of Mordor for me. I'm not a big LotR fan, but they're doing some cool stuff with that game. Hopefully I won't be all fantasied out by the time DA:I comes out.

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I'm actually the opposite, I usually would rather start a fresh save then use NG+. I think the only games I that I did play NG+ are the Souls' games and Chrono Trigger.

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Had some vodka, kicked with 'ol boy, then killed him. Not because what he did was good or bad, but rather for setting Geralt up to take the fall. I thought Geralt would still be sore for all the BS he had to put up with. Roche path taken btw.

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I agree with you Patrick, Aiden never really deserves redemption. I also believe the events that lead up to that choice also hammer down that fact actually. Now I won't say the story's all that, but I wouldn't say that final choice was completely out of character for Aiden either. I see him more akin to the protagonist from Old Boy than say Bruce Wayne/ Batman.

If anything though, I never perceived Aiden's journey as a story of a would be hero in the making. Rather, I saw it as a man driven by revenge who showed little (if at all) remorse for his actions. The only times you are forced to do something morally good is when you prevented the first crime in the early parts of the game and at the game's final mission. Everything else you do is for selfish reasons and can be viewed as being either morally grey or just straight up wrong. In reality Aiden was a TRUE vigilante for seeking his own brand of justice by any means necessary. Whether he became a champion for the people or not is only by coincidence of his own selfish desires. Either way he still loses his allies and family. He loss due to his lust for revenge.

Finally in regards to Maurice Vega, if you collected all the Burner Phones Aiden comes to realize that perhaps both he and Maurice are two sides of the same coin. By leaving it up to the player they effectively let the player decide what kind of vigilante Aiden will become. A vigilante who while willing to get their hands dirty is looking out for the people, or someone who is so hell bent on revenge that he becomes blind to the idea that he himself is a monster. By letting Maurice go, there's the possibility for Aiden's redemption to begin. Damn, I never thought I'd write something this long and incorporate a bit Nietzsche in the process.

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Divinity: Original Sin, especially considering lack of quest markers.

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I'd say I want to see another Vanquish, but in reality I just want SEGA to bring more Yakuza over to the west.

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I feel you on playing bad games, you got to play 'em to know quality from garbage.

I love Bomberman, but that game is really only fun when you're playing with group of friends.

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Yeah the OG Xbox is one of those consoles I never owned but really liked. I was just glad I had some friends that had them. Especially, when one of my buds got his hands on an import copy of Metal Wolf Chaos. We were like, "Holy Shit this game is bananas!!" Good times those were, good times.

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Duder from the US here. I've been to the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

My bucket list is most of Europe with special attention mainly centered on Monaco.