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@corevi: True. I was just trolling a bit to be honest, but since we are dealing with Kojima anything is possible in the MGS universe. Nanomachines son...

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@corevi: Blondy could be child soldier Jack / Raiden. No one knows if Phantom Pain Snake is really Big Boss or Solidus yet. Tin foil hat mode engage!!!

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Socks. Then again I told everyone to not get me any gifts, so I still came out on top.

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I like to think I'm trapped in an episode of The Wayans Brothers, so I call my dad "Pops" and my mom "Ma Dukes."

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I bought into this when they only had 5.5 million, and I must admit it's been weird seeing some of the reactions from people across both outside and within the community of Star Citizen. I understand the apprehension and it is insane that they have accumulated so much money, but I'm no hype monster and my expectations are nil. I'm in it more for Squadron 42 than I am for the persistent universe. Still, if I find that arm of the game compelling then I feel like I came out on top.

@jimbo yeah they're still doing the SP campaign.

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I liken his list to the same pack of socks you get every Christmas. It's not that you necessarily want them, but the year you don't get them you'll feel something's off.

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That kind of alleviates the pressure of finishing it before Bloodborne comes out. I still wonder with these delays, when we'll see more of Cyberpunk 2077.

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It depends on the game for me. If the gameplay elements are decent but the story falls flat or vice versa, I'll finish it. Now if the game is bad all around then there's a good chance I might put it down.

I will say though, sometimes it's good to play a bad game once in a while just so you can appreciate what makes a good game.

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@mb: Honestly, it would allow for the product to be better optimized and be riddled with less bugs. It allows the developer to cut QA costs in that only there's one less platform to debug for and I'm sure in the case of SF V, Sony's probably going waive costs for certification. I'm sure Nintendo did the same for Platinum for Bayonetta 2.

It does suck that the only way to play these games will be to by into new hardware for some, yet there benefits to working on a singular platform.

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A man tear was just shed. Can't wait to break faces in Japan again, thanks SEGA for finally seeing the light.