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@hassun: Haha I was going to mention that. I've worked on like 12 released games as a freelance artist and haven't been credited at all. I'm not angered by it, just so long as I get paid for my work and can show it to prospective clients.

But yeah, music and sound guys rarely ever get the same love other personnel get. Also, freelancers in general get ignored as well.

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I tried playing with both KB/M and a 360 controller, and I caved in and got the Saitek X52. I have to admit, the immersion factor is insane (especially when bumping Aphex Twin tunes while playing.) Also tried it with other games like Star Citizen's Arena Commander, and I feel the price has been completely justified.

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I don't get why it she has to be Motoko. Like why not make it a similar ops unit based out of the U.S.? The damn thing is called Ghost in the Shell, not The Cyberific Adventures of Motoko Kusanagi.

Basically what I'm saying is, they should use the world of GitS to tell a new story with different characters. That way they'll be making the movie with the actors they want, while fleshing out the setting in a meaningful way. Rant over.

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I myself find that in terms of consoles, physical is the way to go. The fact these games are 20+ Gb in size, and coupled with the fact my ISP has a soft cap of 300 Gb/month (then it jumps up to $10 per every 50 Gb over the limit.) It really doesn't make sense for my self to go all digital yet. On PC I don't mind taking the bandwidth hit due to the frequent sale frenzies. In all seriousness these last 5 years has made me realize more than ever, that US ISPs need to be restructured to take into account these new digital business models and how they effect the average users' internet usage.

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@tahirdhudy: The only thing I can think of, is if you bought it on Steam. If that is the case, you can right click on the game name go to "Properties" at the bottom of the menu. Once the property management window opens there should be a "Languages" tab, there should be a drop down menu where you can select your preferred language. If you have the 360 version you might have to go within the game and try to change within the menus.

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Gaming related goals I have this year have to do with games that aren't released yet. Namely Bloodborne, Witcher 3, MGS V, and if it's released this year: Persona 5.

Outside of playing games, I've been thinking about making games. I've worked on a couple and I feel like I have a strong grasp of the workflow. I'm leaning more towards the pen and paper variety though, mainly because my art and writing are stronger than my coding.

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g00by pls... sorry I couldn't resist.

I personally don't think KH III is coming until 2017. I think it was announced in September of last year that he was transferred away from FFXV to commit full time to KH. But hey, weirder things have happened.

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Well seeing that my CPU is the minimum, I think it's about time to get that upgraded. Everything else I'm good to go.

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Anime is for... Something, something. I forgot. 175 animes is the stuff of legend, you should be proud/ashamed of yourself.

I always try to watch like 5-10 pieces of anime content a year. One thing I'll admit, is that it's been getting harder for me to find stuff I like. I think it has to do with my early exposure to the stuff (my first Japanimation was watching the Hokuto no Ken movie back in '94.) Yes I just used Japanimation because no one called it anime back then. I think I'm more inclined to digest that older style risqué stuff. Old man blues and what not.

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I think for the most part, it's all based on the tech you familiarize yourself with. Like for most of us who use computers and smartphones, we'll retain knowledge on how these and other devices that utilize software work. Like how your dad is familiar with more analogue tech like engines, cathode ray tubes and similar technology. One day there might be some tech that we will be baffled by, because advances might come along that defy the way we perceive how everything works. Then we'll ask our kids to set that stuff up for us, while we tell them how we "ctrl+alt+del" most of our tech issues away.