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I was just going to say money then move on, but then I'd be that guy. I still am that guy though.

In all seriousness, I remember the devs saying they wanted to appeal to a western audience. They admitted to looking at games like Call of Duty (believe it or not) as inspiration for XIII. I wished they looked towards games like Skyrim and Planescape: Torment.

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Yeah, DMC is a series that requires a fighting game mentality to appreciate everything it has to offer. The best way to get into the main games is to experiment with the weapons, also your first play through will be rough just by sheer lack of tools. These game's fun comes more after the first completion, and applying what you've learned on higher difficulties.

I'd compare these games to the Souls series in that once the gameplay clicks, you'll find yourself loving it. Just as well, like the Souls games if the gameplay doesn't click then it'll be a rough going the whole way through. My personal advice for the first game is, never succumb to the allure of the "Easy Automatic" difficulty.

I'll also admit that I'm an anomaly, in that I liked every release in the series with the exception of DMC2. I like many others omit that entry from the franchise, and refuse to admit its existence. On the other hand, I thought Ninja Theory made the series feel fresh again. While I'll agree that the combat doesn't have the same depth as DMC3 or 4, I thought it was a solid entry.

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@corevi: That song/video is so awesome. \\m//

When it came up during the bombcast, I knew I had to look for this game.

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If you like Grim Dark Anime style stuff, Baroque might be a game you'd be interested in. With each death, parts of the story progress and open new areas in the tower where the game takes place.

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I'm super pumped for it, the 25th can't come fast enough. Mission 3 of the first game demonstrated great story telling without breaking away from gameplay. I hope there's a pre-load for it as well.

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@haz: M50's have a single hardwired coiled cord on the left earpiece only, whereas the M50x's have port for a removable cord on the left earpiece. Other than that they're same in terms of build.

They have kits to convert the regular M50's into having a removable cord, but you void your warranty in doing so.

*edit: I forgot the x's only have one port and not two.

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Yes, I've seen for film studies as some others here have. I think many young people view Citizen Kane as some artsy-fartsy film snob's raison d'etre, when in actuality it created many techniques used in film making to this day. It shouldn't be a requirement to be viewed to enjoy movies, but you cannot deny what that movie did FOR film as a whole.

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I pretty much support teams in places that I lived/live in (NYC Bronx is my birthplace.)

NFL: NY Giants

NBA: NY Knicks, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, ATL Hawks

MLB: NY Yankees, Miami Marlins | LIDOM (Dominican Pro Baseball League): Tigres del Licey

NHL: Boston Bruins, NY Rangers

PS: I moved a lot.

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Yeah, I totally identify with you. For the most part, I'm sort of misanthropic myself. I do however know how to put on the "show and dance" pretty well, however I do need my personal space to recharge.

I know it's tough and being in a relationship you do have to compromise most of that space to save face.

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So far I'm splitting my game time between Elite: Dangerous and Darkest Dungeon. As my new avatar suggests, most of my free time will be going towards the Homeworld Remastered Collection.