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I'd like to see honest to goodness Nanomachines, minus the possible "Grey Goo" side effect.

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Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but Windows 8.1 was really Windows 9. J/k

Honestly I'd also advise to not install the preview on your main partition, as it is a work in progress.

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This expansion gave me the itch to jump back in for another 3 months. I think I'll wait another month or so before plunging back in though.

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Can we forget about the dumb shirt for a second, and return to the idea that we shot a flea at a full sprint cheetah, on which it landed safely.

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I'm not gonna lie while I like Valkyria Chronicles a lot, I bought it with the fool hardy hope that this will bring Yakuza series to PC.

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Bloodborne a day after my birthday, I'm down for that. I just hope, MGS V is a April release to ease any wallet pains.

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I'm glad it's getting reviewed positively. It seems like they found the right compromise between DA:O and DA2.

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While I don't take offense to the weird ass wheelings and dealings of GameStop, it does make me wish she was a legit pro in the making.

Taking the tired idea of being beaten by a "10 year old girl" is too damned clichéd even by marketing standards. I don't know about y'all, but how awesome would it have been if this was legit? That would've been on some Gundam Newtype shit.

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I expect it to be a rehash of earlier VGAs, although I will always hold a bit of hope that something changes for the better.

In reality though, who am I kidding?

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My local college radio station (Georgia State's Album 88) dedicated between 1-2 hours of airtime to game & anime music per week. I don't know if they still do it as the local public broadcast company kind of hijacked most of their airtime over this past summer, and I stopped listening to the station altogether after that.