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I work 2 jobs so I'll say there's one job I'm cool with and the other is my dream job. As a forklift operator I dig what I do. I get paid well and the environment is very chill. As for my other job as a freelance artist, I've worked on games, comic books, and in animation. Yeah, there are rough patches when work becomes slim pickings, but overall I love doing it.

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I'm looking forward to playing it, I just hope it turns out to be a good game. I loved the first game and thought the second was alright, but man that game had some issues I don't want to see repeated.

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Yeah it's probably for the season 2 stuff. If anything, blame the Lang.

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I would say my feelings changed mostly towards JRPG's with a few exceptions. I used to love those kind of games when I was 12, but now as an adult I just can't really identify with them anymore.

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While there some ethical concerns that I do believe the game industry all around has to address, none of it compares to actual real corruption of some general news outlets and other areas. I don't think many people levy heated corruption charges towards established consumer review outlets like Car and Driver and Motortrend when they both like the 2015 Ford Mustang, and have methods to link you to local dealerships where they make additional revenue for essentially selling you a car. Corruption is something done with a very insidious intent i.e. Monsanto lobbying politicians to pass laws that support them essentially stealing farmland on which their seeds may have pollinated from neighboring farmers who may have unwittingly purchased their product. Now that's real corruption, and I don't think there have been egregious breaches like that in the games industry yet. Sure things like nepotism exist in most tight knit industries. Like the animation industry which has very similar business practices to the games industry, if you are an asshole at one studio you're very likely going to be blacklisted to work anywhere else.

TL;DR Call me the day when someone finds out that Valve sold our credit card numbers to the Russian mob, and payed off congress to keep it from the general public.

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I know I can't really complain since I help fund it and have access to the game. Yet, I appreciate the honesty that they didn't want to get their game drowned out by the noise other racers are making this fall, and are tightening up the overall experience for those who are looking forward to playing it.

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"Viva Bomba Gigante para siempre!!!"

Honestly though, this topic always leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I have a firm grasp of its origins. It's sad to see that whenever someone tries to educate others on that issue, it gets drowned out in vitriol from all directions. I'm glad Jeff has addressed the issue in this manner, sometimes the best approach is to maintain some distance until you have a clearer picture on what's really going on.

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To be honest I actually will go as far as to suggest Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I'm not talking about jumping right into multiplayer, i think playing the campaign at an easier difficulty is a phenomenal ice breaker into modern gaming. Also the controls of that game are so often imitated not only in FPS games, but in many 3rd person games that she should have a firm grasp how to play a majority of today's games without much of a problem.

Plus, those campaigns are basically like playing gamified Rambo movies.

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I'm cool with Keifer voicing Big Boss, because if you think about it he's a different person by these events. In the Phantom Pain trailers Big Boss just straight sounds fed up with everything around him. He lacks the naïveté of his younger Naked Snake and early Big Boss self. Now he's older, disabled, and betrayed in in the worst way possible.

Now on to my looney hope for MGS V. I'm hoping that in the beginning they have you play as Big Boss setting up Outer Heaven/ Zanzibar Land. Depending how you set that up will affect the obstacles in the second half in which you play as Solid Snake, and recreate the events of the OG Metal Gear. This sounds insane, but it's the kind of insane Kojima is capable of.

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It would've been amazing if it were Duck Dynasty Warriors. Could you imagine hillbillies version of Cao Cao vs a duck version of Lu Bu? Imagine the possibilities.