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My first piece of content was info on the wiki for GTA IV: TLAD before it was combined with vanilla GTA IV's wiki page in Feb of '09. Then noticed they were doing the infamous playthrough of Persona 4. And I was like, "Sheeeeit I'm playing this game too, it would be fun to play alongside these guys." Although I completed the game way before they did, I watched every episode and enjoyed myself every step of the way.

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I say if you like JRPGs, I'd say most definitely yes. Plus all the crazy Nintendo games like Tomodachi Life and Rusty's Real Deal Baseball make it worth owning.

Real talk though, it's the handheld with the best game selection on the market right now.

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Hopefully we get that six seasons and a movie. I really rooted for that show even in its darkest moments, but I can't say I'm mad either because five seasons is a decent run for a sitcom on NBC.

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It would have been poetic if they had actually waited 10,000 days to release another album. But to wait over 27 years just to make an artistic statement would be all kinds of ludicrous.

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I guess I'd be that quiet guy. I do it mainly because I take militaristic approach to all kinds of engagements, i.e. I like to survey the "battlefield" before I act.

So while you may think I'm being aloof, it's more that I'm analyzing everyone in the room and making note of likes and dislikes. That way when I do strike up a conversation I know who to talk to and what to talk about.

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I dig the sentiment and approach Tyeforce took with the video, not too overbearing while making great points. I know this issue puts Nintendo in a tight spot because I know they don't want to alienate the LGBT community, yet they are still perceived as a Disney-like company and have to be mindful of the content they choose to include in their titles. I mean when Bioware does it, it's in a game aimed at an adult audience and even then they get a lot of grief on the issue, now with Tomodachi Life it's a bit more difficult in that now you're looking at a game aimed at a very broad age range. At the end of the day, you know someone's parent will buy the game find out about the same-sex relationships and will flip a wig. They should at least release the game as they intended for now, and keep the points made by Tyeforce in mind for the next game's release.


Good on Tyeforce. I was surprised that there are relationships at all in this game. While I doubt they'll add it to the game coming out here, this video will hopefully give some food for thought in the next game.

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You know what though, some of those higher tier backer rewards didn't seem too bad. Like the signed basket ball which for $475 which can be easily flipped for 5 times that a year or two from now. I mean if you're a fan of Shaq that lunch and pickup game at his house would be damn awesome.

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@mister_v: well fellow heathen, I'll have you know that while I prefer normal controls. I have in fact checked my privilege, and tried to play games both ways to see what fits best for me. Turns out in most cases (not all) normal controls are the way to go for me.

So, I do have some idea what it is like to be you.

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While I play with normal controls for most games (standard flight controls are naturally inverted.) Being a lefty in world full of righties, I can sympathize, so play your games the way you want to you heathens you.

That's right you inverted guys are heathens just like us lefties, welcome to the Club of Shun.

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I wonder if they'll change the name to something like Infinity Soft, or hilariously Never Ward.