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Alex "The Snow Wolf" Navarro was beasting and feasting that whole match.

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All I will say is that: all competitive game (Fighting Games, MOBAs, & Online FPS) communities will have some sort of toxicity towards newer players, unskilled players, and those who criticize their game of choice. It's a sad fact humanity harbors in the need to belong to an exclusive social group. *insert sad-face emoji of choice here*

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This would be my main reasoning for not showing something until closer to completion. Yeah it's cool to build hype, but 2 years ago this game looked spectacular and now it looks okay going from the latest videos. If the game still looks like that early footage they were showing on a PC with high settings or if some of that footage was from the PS3 and 360 versions then it won't be as bad. I know the gameplay is gonna be where it's at, but man don't try to sell me a promise that you can't keep.

Then again Ubisoft should think twice showing a game that in 2012 was running on a PC that was probably running multiple high-end GPUs, then say this was what was possible for the PS4 and XB1.

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When your human you cant use your soapstone, only see other players soapstones. That said burning an effigy says something like 'blocks online interaction' which might mean co-op as well. Dieing once will solve these issues

^this. Burning effigies block all multiplayer interactions.

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The last game I can honestly admit to losing sleep to was the original Halo, my friend and I demolished that game's campaign in one sitting. The Co-Op in Halo is so awesome.

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To be honest, you can make A LOT of modern 2d games in Flash albeit the coding necessary would be monumental instead of using something like Unity. With that said, if a game like South Park was made in Flash it would be such a resource hog that it would slow many high end machines to a crawl.

On the subject of what the game is worth, I will say that anyone's interpretation of the value of a game is completely subjective. I think South Park is great because it's like buying an interactive full season of the show. Hell, the standard list price of the complete 16th season Blue Ray is $59.99 (although you can get for $30 online now) for roughly 7-8 hours worth of episodes.

If he feels it's a $20 game then so be it, and wait until the price drops then purchase it at that price.

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And that is why I use one of these...

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@zeik: That answer was in jest more than anything.

Where, yeah you can say Dark Souls' version of the Crestfallen Warrior is more pro-active than Demon's Souls', you do also have to consider the idea that he never had any intention to continue on. Also, consider where and when you face his hollow form. He is nowhere near Sen's Fortress after you ring the Bells of Awakening which is earliest you can face his hollow form. Secondly, he has given up and resigned himself to be among the apathetic hollows that reside just before entering the New Londo Ruins.

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Devil May Cry 2. On paper that game should have been amazing, in execution that game was a steaming pile of excrement. Thank the Creator that DMC 3 was a return to form.

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@zeik: Actually now that you mention you're right, although it actually makes the allegory more apt.

Since rather than trying to find the Lord Vessel, his focus turns to a much more achievable goal (Well in the Cresfallen dude's mind, anyway.) As a player who gives up would move onto a game that is easier (in the player's mind. Consistency.)