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They promote shit quest designs and worlds that dont change due to player action. Not to mention they bring out the worst in people. Also monthly subscriptions to games needs to never be a thing.

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Battlefield 4 says ive got maybe 200 hours in it. but i dunno about that.

oblivion i put in 356 hours

civ 5 and garrysmod are tied with 150 hours weirdly enough

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@mikemcn said:

For games available on console, Shadow of mordor, wolfstein, sunset overdrive and bayonetta seem like the four biggies, absolutely this was a year of disappointment.

Hang on I'm confused. Are you suggesting that those games were disappointments? I must be misreading you, because those seem like they might be the goty contenders. But then again that might be what you were saying

Also, I would hardly say Dark Souls 2 is a disappointment. Although it's more lacking in lore and map design thank DS1, I thought what they did with the mechanics was great. And it made the pvp not a backstab fishing circle-fest. Also, the dlc is some of the best dark souls content ive played. But I could see how that in and of itself might be disappointing.

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Nope. Nothin wrong with pre-ordering a game just in case the store runs out.

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I find that skipping a year keeps the game feeling fresh. That has worked out well enough for me because I started doing that after black ops. I feel treyarch makes the better Cods now and mw3 and ghosts just didnt interest me. I am definitely preordering this new one. I love the sound design and the action seems to have changed enough to hook me in.

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keep jason. That guy's the man

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The ending was kind of a huge bummer for me. The Tower's design was the coolest thing in that game, and i was pumped to fight him. But then it just turned into a "stealth this guy 3 times and then press b really fast" boss fight. And the black hand? what was that, just an interactive cutscene? I still love this game, and am currently just dicking around with the Nemesis system and trying to 100% the game. Just sorta wish it finished stronger.

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Well it wont be Skrimp the Stinger I'll tell you that much

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Stay with kenny. Just... stay with Kenny.

I chose to stay behind at Wellington first time, but that was the saddest thing I've ever seen. So i save scummed and just went with him instead.