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Stay with kenny. Just... stay with Kenny.

I chose to stay behind at Wellington first time, but that was the saddest thing I've ever seen. So i save scummed and just went with him instead.

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Brink- This one's fairly obvious. The worst 60 bucks I ever spent. No need to go further as I cringe at the thought.

Titanfall- This one was a pretty big bummer. My friends had talked it up the entire 6 months they had the xbox one and I was waiting to pick it up. I played through the "campaigns" not expecting much. But after I finished those up, I found there was really nothing bringing me back. I just wanted to play battlefield 4. Although the fluidity of the movement felt pretty great, the mech combat really didnt catch my interest. And the shooting was solid but nothing special. All in all a fairly mediocre game for all the hype it was given. Good thing it came with the x1 for free.

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P.T has no bearing on what Silent Hills is. It even says that at the end. It's an interactive teaser, nothing more and isn't indicative of what Silent Hills will be upon release

This. The only thing that i wouldnt be surprised carrying over is the atmosphere, and the monster lady.

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I thought the Lovely Planet Ql was pretty great. Lots of butt stuff

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It came with the xbox so I can only pretend that i paid money for it. I would definitely regret the purchase since i havent played it for like 2 months. Ive just been playing BF4 the whole time. I beat both campaigns and dicked around in the proper multiplayer for a decent amount of time, but theres just nothing drawing me back for whatever reason.

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gotta go with shadow of mordor. probably evolve too if i can find some friends by then

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"I wish I could go into bars that are showing the World Cup game and just deport everyone." - Dan Ryckert

Yea, what an awesome standup guy.

As a hispanic also living in California who enjoyed watching the World Cup (sometimes even in bars) I found that unbelievably offensive and it kinda irks me seeing all the praise this guy has been getting. :/

The dude is joking. People joke about things. Theres no point getting offended over something that people don't seriously mean.

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@corruptedevil: Id also say the concept of grinding is just tiring in general. I was really looking forward to this game but then I heard about how samey the loot was, and the quest structure... I cant tell you how much I hate having to farm enemies for a certain drop, or bland missions saying to "go here kill this get points". I guess i was expecting more significant side missions and crazier weapons / loot. The gunplay looks good and I'm sure the story straightens itself out later (hopefully) but so far I just dont see what all the hype and praise is about. At best it looks like a nicer, better playing borderlands without all the things that made borderlands stand out.

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I'm glad this thread exists. I'm out of the country for the entirety of the beta and was really interested in how it was gonna be. I've recently fallen hard off the hype train for this game. The MMO type missions were a huge let down for me. I hate farm quests in any form and am growing tired of the "run here kill this" type of quests. The loot looked hardly interesting either, but I'm sure this has more to do with the low level cap of the beta and alpha. To me it just seems too much like borderlands with less varied loot, but better graphics and gunplay.

All i can really ask is this. When you see people out in the open world, what can you do with them? Is there any kind of pvp that can be initiated out there? or is that stuck in the crucible? I really liked how the souls series integrated multiplayer in their singleplayer experience, as you could be invaded or attacked at any time, but you could also help people out and interact with one another. Also, how varied are the enemy types / do they have different behaviors? Or are there only, hey these small guys run at you, and these slightly bigger guys shoot at you while popping out of cover?

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