Star Trek License

I've always liked Star Trek.  TOS Movies are my firstborn, DS9 is my favorite, and Enterprise is the red headed stepchild. 
As I wait for STO to download ($6.47 from Amazon), I can't help but think of the days when Star Trek was a bankable gaming franchise.  I remember all the games that arrived after First Contact.  Armada was my favorite.  
I wonder now why there weren't a slew of games released for Star Trek (2009).  Though, with all the shit put together these days, It's probably better that the new Star Trek franchise is spared its equivalents of SW: Bounty Hunter, SW: Super Bombad Racing, Marvel Nemesis, GI JOE: Rise of Cobra, and anything made with the Transformers license.   
Maybe the bargain of my purchase will counteract any imperfections in this game. 
P.S.  Is it just me, or pound for pound, game for game, the Lord of the Rings franchise has produced the best games?