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There are two main reasons that Republicans get the evil image; Religion and Economics.

First, politics should never equal religion. Religion should have no bearing on any political, federal, or governmental issues, But, unfortunately, in the US we still use the Imperial units of measurment and have a very Christian society. Like Fajita_Jim said, all a candidate has to do is hate the rest world and love Jesus and he will find a great deal of misguided American support.

Being a bible thumper doesn't make anyone a good candidate. However, a good candidate could also be a bible thumper, but not likely. We are supposed be a secular nation, the founding fathers intended it to be so. We have Freedom of Religion, that includes no religion. I'm an atheist and a liberal/libertarian. I know those two aren't exactly compatible, but if I can't be a libertarian, I'll be a liberal.

Second, trickle down economics don't work anymore. Tax cuts for big business' end up lining the pockets of the Executives. Not all companies are guilty of that, but I am forever biased against lobbying. If lobbying didn't exist, the world would be better for it. At least lobbying in the sense that big companies can buy politicians.

We are supposed to be a Capitalist nation, but corporations get more charity than the poor.

But the Republicans are not solely to blame. We've had some Democratic blunders in my lifetime. We are not the world police. We are not the world's charity box.

I'll be voting for Ron Paul, if he gets the nomination. I believe he's a stand up guy and the only person qualified to be a presidential nominee. Knowledge of the constitution and the courage and discipline to live by it are rare things in our government.

We haven't had a strong third party in a long time. I'd love to see a third party, or fourth party, emerge in my lifetime. The US has a constant tug-of-war cycle between the left and right. It'd be nice to see a forward pass.

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Watching a video of the new inventory screen, I have discovered that an iron sword weights 10 lbs. in the game and a battle axe weighs 21 lbs. I never liked this inaccuracy. Most swords weighed/weigh about 2-5 lbs. Even claymores weighed less than 8 lbs. usually.

I understand the need to make more powerful items and weapons 'cost' more to carry compared to early game, weak weapons, but why not just make the weights a little more real and reduce the amount of weight the characters can carry.

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@melcene: I've been playing for a few weeks now, it's by far the best facebook game.  I just wish you could use gold to buy items instead of crowns.
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Chick N. Hawke, female character only.    

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ME1 had 6 companions. 
ME2 had 12 companions. 
DA:O had 9 companions, 10 if you recruited the special companion.   
So far DAII has 9 or 10 companions.  I was hoping to see more.

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I didn't like the Justice character, but I'm a little excited about Anders/Justice. 
Pet . . . isn't the right word, but it's getting closer to the special type I'm talking about. 
Basically, a character who's not human, elf, dwarf, or dog.

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Has Bioware released all information on companions or are they keeping some secret?  DA:O had Shale, KOTOR had HK-47, ME2 had Legion; all unique characters.  I keep looking for hints that we'll have a counterpart to these types of characters and I can find none.  I just hope that 10 hours into the game I'll be pleasantly surprised.   
Side note:  I'm hoping that there'll be more than two females to romance.  Isabella is a dirty girl and Merrill looks like a homeless person. 
Please give us more companions.

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Wouldn't it be great if you could be a droid?  We've had many droid companions but never a main character.  A whole new class, a whole new playable experience.  Start as a maintenance droid caught in a battle and go from there.  Upgrade components and even assemble an all droid mercenary team.  Alas, maybe as an expansion later.

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Bioware might as well rename themselves MIDAS Entertainment.  Everything they touch turns to gold.

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@MooseyMcMan:  Yes, I meant as a movie franchise.
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