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Well Gentlemen....we've done it.

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Well this is nice I guess. Can't say I'm going to throw money down for every PSP game I have just to play them all again on my PSP, but there's defiantly a couple I would like to bring over to Vita. Only thing I don't like is possibly being charged $20 to get a digital version of a game I bought (or being charged at all), but an option is an option.

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Honestly I'd have to say no for the times I've bought games in store (usually buy my games online most of the time). I've had some people give me glances or say something along those lines (Eternal Sonata and Deathsmiles being the ones that make people go "wtf?"), but I just get my game and not give a damn.

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Gotta admit that I was surprised when I found out about this earlier today. The man certainly did change the playing field (hell he practically re-invented it). RIP Steve.

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This is simply BRILLIANT! Can't wait to get my copy of the game. And yeah the game is defiantly worth getting Patrick.

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Played the beta and it was a good bit of fun, so I'll probably give old DCU another play. Although the free account option is looking pretty bare bones compared to other F2P MMO's.

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 Didn't see this one coming. How the heck can they just kill off a franchise just after one flop? DMC found itself in this same position and came back swinging in the third installment much to everyone's surprise. If they can just take what made the first game great and build upon that, then it could be something amazing. Maybe they'll consider bringing this back up at a later date, but I'm not going to place any bets on that happening (sad as that thought is). 

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 Great move Ubisoft. Good job in killing off any sales you would have had. Hated this DRM in AC2 (didn't bother to read the little note on the page about the DRM so I guess that little mess up is on me). Since then, I haven't bought a game from them and it's looking like I never will again until they get there act together. 

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 A MMO on a handheld? Well I can't say I'm not interested in this, but will this have an offline mode? I guess we'll see when more details come to surface for this.

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 Swery just take all my money. All of it! I seriously want to see what else this man has up his sleeve.