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I love that stuff.

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Once again bethesda will get a free pass.

  • Mediocre main quest
  • Uninteresting copy and paste characters
  • Limited voice cast (hearing the same voice actor is too common an occurrence)
  • Bad animations
  • BUGZ



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Though I don't suffer crippling depression, my problems are more related to anxiety disorders, and depression seems to be a side effect.

Go to your doctor and get some pills, and keep taking them. Don't let anybody tell you any different, they do work.

But like, don't take them all at once, that would be bad.

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The Empire.

The Thalmor are the real enemy, and the only hope of ever toppling the Altmeri Dominion is if all nations of men are united.

The Empire IS Talos.

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@Phoenix778m said:

Sort of off topic but zip don't want to litter the main board. How do you tell how much a spell is buffing defence like stoneflesh. I also have Mage Armor perk. I would like to see its stats?!?

You can see any active effects by accessing the "magic" section of the menu, which is on the opposite side to items. Its in its own category called "active effects" near the bottom. In there you can see any effect currently active. Things like stoneflesh also add a glowy effect to your character while they are active, so you can see if they have expired or not.

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Hows the voice acting? Are there any characters that stand-out as being particularly good?

BTW, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions <3

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Seeing the phantom menace when I was 10 years old. Of course, I have different opinions of it now, but gawd that shit was awesome when I was 10.

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And when that villager sounds suspiciously similar to the last 13 characters you have interacted with...

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Unless the pre-load is up, I don't see the point in pre-ordering games.

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If you had access to a suitable pc, yet you still bought the console version, I would question your value as a human being.