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I think it would help if the "guild" quest lines tied into the main story thread. So in order to kick off the main quest, you need to become somebody of worth, like say, the head of the thieves guild, instead of having a "save the world" quest pop up in your log as soon as you start the game.

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@OP: Your not alone in your confusion of the hype surrounding Bethesda's rpg's.

@project343: Umm, that statement requires some serious elaboration.

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You can have a *light* dressing with big flavours. And there is no reason big flavours have to be bad fatty things.

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Born and raised in Australia, both sides English, and not the convict kind.

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The main issue for me is that the current consoles are acting as a brick wall for technical innovation. All these modern games are being made to run on 3-4 year old hardware, when current pc's are capable of so much more. Now i'm not saying console games don't look great. Red Dead: Redemption looks fantastic, its incredible what they can do with out of date hardware. Imagine what games would look like if current consoles had modern hardware? 
Now we are seeing other technology leap ahead of the consoles. 1080p is becoming more and more common, yet most console games still only render in native 720p (some are even sub-hd).  
Its well and truly time for the next gen of consoles. 

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Neverwinter Nights'  toolset made it better than the actual game. Some of the best modules for NWN were player created. I feel as though user generated content was the true spirit of that franchise. 
I hope this doesn't turn out like Dark Alliance or Demon Stone.

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@MysteriousBob said:
" I don't see the hype. Fallout 3 was vastly superior than its two prequels. "
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They redesigned it without a blu-ray drive? This was their chance and they have blown it.