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@rafoXxX: Tis funneh when people hate on blogs.
Back on topic, JRPGS suck :)
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Boo your opinions! we hate your thoughts!

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@ the OP
Your time would be better spent trying to comprehend infinity. 
When I think rpg I think of some form of choice laden game. Sort of a "choose your own adventure" type thing ...idk
I don't like game genres because they generally refer only to the game-play itself. I would much prefer it to be just a setting/style category (Sci-fi, action, horror etc)

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 I don't like to sound like a snob, but to put it simply: No monolith, no sale. 
There were some genuine faults with Project Origin, but the single player story was a worthy followup to the first.
This sounds like Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate all over again. I wonder if monolith will announce a "real" Fear 3 under a different title in the future.

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I couldn't see past the ridonkulous character models and animations of Fallout 3. I don't understand how a game with that much media and critical attention could get away with it.

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Its People killing people, don't matter what shade of brown or yellow they are, or which god they pray too before they go to bed. Building a mosque wou.......
This would have been a dumb shit move, its just asking for conflict and that certainly wouldn't help anyone. Talk about stirring up an ants nest. Being realistic doesn't make you a fascist, SHEEESH!

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Mickey Rourke as Isaac for Dead Space 2. 
I can see it.

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I'm wishing for a main story as long as DA's. I have a strong feeling it will be on par with the length of ME 1 though (12-15 hours for the main story path was much to short.)

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I'm a hamburger purist. I love pickles, but not on my burger. I respect the pickle as part of hamburger canon though.
Here in Aus people put crazy shit on thier burgers like pinaple and beetroot.  HELL WHY STOP THERE.
My brother in-law and I have had arguments over the state of beetroot being a standard feature of a hamburger. We have agreed to disagree.

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The number of times pirated versions are downloaded does not equal number of lost sales. 
Regardless, Spore, Fallout 3, Crysis are games that have been heavily circulated on torrent sites; yet all these titles still turned a fat profit on the pc platform. This "PC gaming is dying" that some devs fling around is BS.
Back on topic though, I predict Modern Warfare 2 will be pirated just as much as any big title that has been released in the past.