Steam Cloud Wow Moment

Well, I had this nice experience with Steam Cloud. I play Torchlight 2 most often from my computer at home, but decided to play a little bit at work when waiting for something to happen. T2 supports cloud saves, so I thought I could easily play on at my other computer. However, as it is, it presented me with my character at level 19 instead of 22! WFT moment… So I quit immediately and googled if there was some solution or if i’m screwed and have to play some hours of gametime all over again. As it is, there was a solution to this problem. Hurray!

So back home I made some backups of the files mentioned and started T2. But Steam intercepted and presented me the following screen:

Well. I must say I did not expect this to happen. It detected a mismatch, and asked me what to do. Just great! I think this should always be whenever it detects a conflict, and never just pick the newer version. Nice job Steam!

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My Review Template


-- short summary of game conclusion, should say why X stars --

Review Status

First Impression | Reasonable play | Solid play | Finished game | Final


20 minutes

Why this game?

-- believable story why I played this game --


-- game story in my own words --


-- bulk of the review, how I experienced the game --


-- graphic section, just graphcis --


-- something about the audio ( voices, samples and music ) --

Other things worth mentioning

- drm, bought, digital, controller


-- overall conclusion, longer version than summary --

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Spielerei: Saira

Yesterday I bought on Steam a little game called Saira (along with a lot of other cheap stuff). The screenshots looked really arty and stylish and I decided to take a shot at it because it was for sale for only €2.24. Played it a bit this evening.

It´s a platformer that you only can control with the keyboard. The background story is that you are suddenly alone and only escaped because you transported. Of course the quest will be to found out what happend!

The game feels like a flash game because of it's simplicity and sharpness, although the graphics are as said before arty. You move around from world to world to solve bits of the puzzle, and every world feels different. Gameplay is easy at start, but increases and you have to be a real keyboard wizard to get through all the levels.

Like it.

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Spielerei: Jurassic Park

Played some Jurassic Park this evening. Got it rather cheaply from Steam and had to take a peek at the game. Reviews were rather mixed so I thought I wanted to see for myself. The movie was cool, especially at the time when it came out, so perhaps this game gives you the same experience.

The gameplay is rather ... non-existant. I played part of episode 1 and you just have to push the buttons and sticks at the right time (I play with an XBOX controller). It's almost like an interactive movie; you are in control how fast it will all unfold and play. The first part is I think kinda easy as it was not difficult to complete. It all felt like a children's game, but with the suspension of a 16+ movie.

Graphics are OK, but not spectacular. It's easy going so I probably will play it because it won't ask too much of you ( and your concentration).

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Spielerei: WazHack

Sidescrolling dungeon crawler with permanent death. It looks awful but it is surprisingly addictive. Picked it up at Desdura, first the demo but when I couldn't go on and I had to I just had to buy it for a lousy €4.

I play as a warrior. One with golden hair and walking rather queer. My warrior is a dual-wielding mother f**er and he only has to walk into an enemy to attack. Rather lazy way of fighting but it works. You exchange some hp with your enemy and eventually the enemy dies (at least until now).

The equipment you pick up doesn't have much stats although you can approve it with skills as you level up. This goes rather quickly in the beginning which makes it fun to continue. Enemies are varied standard fantasy stuff like goblins, rats, skeletons and gas blobs. When you kill an enemy they almost always drop something. This is often food which you need to eat regularly to stay fit. Healing can be done by resting. You won't be bothered with enemies, at least I haven't.

The stuff you collect wears you down after a while. You can't carry everything. Funny is that, instead of you going slower, the environment will go faster. This mechanism keeps the pace in the game, and accounts for some frenzy action when encountering an enemy. Dropping stuff before such a fight is recommended.

The fights are always turn-based. If you take a step toward the enemy, so does he towards you. This looks rather funny, another thing you don't expect but plays well.

The game also supports stores in which you can sell and buy stuff. The store I encountered didn't have much stuff available. Most of the stuff it had I just sold to the merchant.

The game is a game in which you can save your progress, but when you die the game ends. No loading a previous save game. This mechanism is not new, it is in fact hot these days, but works rather well. You run away when things get too hot and will not take unnecessary risks.

Concluding after an hour of play that I like this little game and going to play it at least a few times with different characters.

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Spielerei: Cave Story+

Nice and simple platformer. 4:3 screen upscaling and xbox controller support. Played 1 level to get a feeling what it is.

The music is really what makes this game tick harder for me. I listened to the soundtrack a few times already and I am looking forward to hear those tunes while playing. Definitely a stayer

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Spielerei: Ys Origin

Top-down action oriented RPG with a JRPG twist. Conversations are all text, large eyes and typical monsters. Not turned based but real time. Playing with a controller but manual is only for the keyboard so experimenting all along what buttons do.

Plays rather nice but the textures are a bit dull and too sharp for my taste.

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Spielerei: Vessel

[15 minute play]

Vessel is a puzzle platform game in which you are the inventor of liquid machines. One of them has become rogue and is somewhere. With the help of other liquid machines you solve puzzles in your factory which consists of a decent maze of tunnels. Played it with the XBOX wired controller and the controls feel decent. Climbing a ladder looks silly as the guy goes sideways up and down.

Will play some more...

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