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... and still no comments from the staff so I hope they are aware of the problem and are working on it... or not I suppose...

At least they are not fired as I saw a new review on the site so we still have hope ;-)

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Site has been slow for 2 days now for me. The first couple of pages are good, then it slows down and this really sucks. Seems like a bandwidth problem or such, lots of time-outs on a-sync(ajax) dialogs and slow loading.

And no reaction (yet) from the OPs... and no communication is also communication so what is up? GiantBomb is running on Amazon Cloud servers (EC2 Cluster, works fine the status page reports), so didn't they pay their bills? Or have they scaled down, and why? Or are they using a part of the cpu power for the new design? Please tell us!

[I hope this message get posted...] it does :)

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I get it when it's on sale. I already own and played the original so no immediate need, but I like to see the game in 'HD' mode. Screenshot are very cool and detailled compared to the original. But full price: no.

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: Thanks for the reply. I have more than 5000 points so I am able to delete\remove images. But I didn't realize that the galleries are separate and you can only remove them from the gallery you placed them in.

However, this makes me wonder if uploaded files are ever deleted that way? Shouldn't that be the case? (kinda reminds me of a big Facebook issue a few years ago)

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I just uploaded an image into a game gallery, then went to my own galleries and put it in some gallery. Then I noticed it was a bad picture and deleted it from my own gallery. The picture was removed there, but not from the game gallery. It is not in my own 'all images' anymore and when viewing the image, no option is available to delete it. Already posted this on another forum, but also posting it here as this is a bug i think.

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Played it to see why everybody was talking about... and everybody was correct! Such a waste of your time while there are a ton of better games to be played.

The name is pretty cool though >:)

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I just picked up dungeon siege 3 again, just to continue where I left of a year ago and to finally finish the game.

Yesterday I defeated Jeyne Kassynder, earning me the achievement "Aspire to Victory". Got it nicely in my achievements so that is ok.

But when I look at the complete list of achievements, it's not there... The achievement has a completion of 37.1% and is green. It's not in the complete achievement list.

Is this a bug and can this be corrected?