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Since yesterday the gallery toolbox normally located at the right top is gone in Google Chrome. When I look at the HTML source code, it looks like they dropped a bit and are inaccessable.

They show in IE and Safari, but not in my favourite browser anymore :-(

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Well, a lot will come back after the summer olympics and when they finally beat D3 on Inferno. But before that happens, they will lose a lot more in Q3 I'm afraid and win a lot back in Q4 when the panda's appear.

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What is your source?

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No, can't think of anything other than it steals my sleep, steals my budget, wrecks my wrist, squares my eyes and effects my health condition.

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Good news, Bethesda treats such IPs with respect is my opinion so I gladly see a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. arrive! :-)

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It's my work/developer laptop so I have stuff running constantly to scan for such things. Little chance that way. But you never know, so I used another computer 50km away, different domain and network, and it gave me the same warning.

Login/logoff didn't help. If I use 'name color' insted of 'name colors' it works ok.

You can also use 'urbanpartz' and it will pop up the warning.

Oh, and thanks for the answers! Looks like i'm a PC guy :)

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BTW : just searched on 'colored names' and that works well.

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I use the latest Chrome browser.

Wanted to know what the colors of the names represent, so i clicked Forums, entered 'name colors' in the search box (without the ' of course) and hit enter.

Then I got this:

Of course I stopped.

And still no answer to my question :( ;-)

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Great article to read! Keep this quality-writing up! :-) (Y)