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Good for them, good for the business. Things like this will kill creativity and will only encourage company's to protect their assets more.Interesting what they will come up with :-)

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Definitely don't know what to buy... :-)

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Read the javascript code and do some cache stuff @ the back end I would say :)

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It is... sort of.. crappy. The intro is crap, the controls are crap, camera is crap, no widescreen support, AI is crap (Russians can't shoot), voices are .. interesting, you cannot save and story is crap. But the rest is OK. Got me scared a couple of times, played it 20 minutes, it's only 1,5Gb and it didn't cost a lot.

so.. DON'T BUY IT ;-)

O, I also made some screenshots. Before and during a headshot. Awesome!

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Ah! I posted something here... alas, I did buy it but didn't even installed it.

Installing it now and going to watch the intro. :)

Will tell if it is worth it ! ;-)

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I just loved GiantBomb because it was virtually ad-free. Gamespot is just the opposite: you have to look for content between the ads. Will this be the future of GiantBomb also? Is having a premium membership any good in this?

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Negative thoughts right now... CBS\Gamespot too big... my money better of @ other indie sites so probably cancelling