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Did the guild ever get going yet on Aerie?

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uPlay ID is marcmann2

Been having fun with this once I got my DS4 actually working.

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That was a really fun race. Interestingly I had the 4th fastest quick lap and 4th fastest average lap, and a 7th place finish to show for it. Sorry about the wreck PsEG, exactly as Khann said I locked up trying to pit and hit the wall at a bad angle. On the upside, my car got a lot of air after the hit.

@samuraigarrin: Nice running with you for a good chunk of the race.

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I'll try to get there for the race. Not sure how busy I'll be tomorrow.

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The G27 shouldn't have any problem with the desk being too thin. The clamps on the wheel can close without anything in between the clamp and the wheelbase so it can be able to fit thin desks. I actually secure mine to my keyboard tray without any issues.

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@alwaysbebombing: Not very demanding at all. Most of the work is taking place on the iRacing servers. A good internet connection is more important than a top of the line computer.

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In and done

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I'd be interested in a league. I think it would help to start with the free tracks/cars and then add in some of the others if most people have them. As far as when, I'm very flexable.

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Have you tried out ovals? Because the competition that I've seen you facing is a whole lot safer than the knuckleheads in rookie street stock.

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I wish I could say this was a surprise, but when the news came out that Ubi bought THQ Montreal I had a feeling it would end this way. After the issues surrounding his leaving Ubisoft post-Brotherhood and him going to start up a new development team for THQ in the same city where he quit from, you had to know when Ubi was going to have a very quick trigger with Patrice.

My guess would be that management was starting to strongarm development of 1666 and Patrice was pushing back. I have a feeling that if they are willing to fire Patrice, the game may be further along than we think.

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