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I don't think half of these people understand the term 'vaporware'.

"computer software that is announced to the general public but is never actually released, nor officially cancelled"

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@Crixaliz: Errmmm... that game's coming out. It's not vaporware. :)

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What I believe is that there is no heaven and there is no hell. I am a man of science. My moral compass is 'treat other how you want to be treated' and it has worked out for me pretty well so for. Just enjoy life and don't worry about these things. :D

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If you haven't seen Breaking Bad already then watch it over any of these shows. :)

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News of Ace Attorney 5 is great, but I still feel burned from Investigations 2 not getting localised. GRR... Capcom.

P.S. One of the cases will probably involve you trying to solve the mystery of the death of Mega Man.

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@Lebensbaum said:

Now the real question; where does this put GTA V?

I bet GTA V will be a May 2013 game, I thought that the moment they announced it.

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I think this is worse then the PSN hack, people are actually loosing money and access to there accounts in some cases. I think more people should be talking about this on video game websites.

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@Dany Yes, I have managed to get control of my e-mail address and change the password. So that is one worry off my mind. However, I cant do the same with my Xbox Live account as easily.

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Well, it appears my Xbox Live account has been hijacked be someone else. FIFA 12 is listed on my achievements... but I've never played it. My Gamertag has also been assigned to a different Windows Live ID and I can't do anything about it.

Just wondering if anyone else on Giant Bomb has been affected by this hack, and whether or not they have gotten there account back yet. In the mean time I'll follow what it says on this link and call Xbox Support.

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