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Anything that means more video coverage from the bombcrew is pretty much 100% pure happy-drugs to me, so yay!

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Also - As I watch all of these Ryan videos I've been watching endlessly since the news of his passing, I still crack up at the sight of them or hearing his funny as all of fuck-comments. I don't really feel sad when I watch them, because they will be there to preserve his memory, his legacy, forever. Goddamn, the man still entertains us even after his death.

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I'm listening to the new bombcast right now and I'm only ten minutes in, but I can just feel in my gut that I won't be able to hold my shit together... It's weird, but I have come to accept it. Ryan was our friend and we all miss him like crazy.

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Signed and sealed.

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I still can't believe he is gone. And here I sit, in my living room couch, fighting to keep the tears away and reading all of the wonderful things people have to say about Ryan. No one near me can understand the pain of losing Ryan.

I miss you, friend.

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Superglad this thread exists, and superglad you guys do to. Easier to process the loss when talking to people experiencing the same thing.

Also - if we are this upset about a sweet, wonderful person we never met, imagine how fucking awful the rest of the bombcrew are feeling. :(

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Re OP:

Dude, I'm feeling the same way. Teared up yesterday in front of the computer and both my girlfriend and mother-in-law just didn't understand what the deal was. It's hard to explain to someone that you are totally heartbroken over the death of a person you've never met.

But heartbroken is what I am. And what you all are too. Man, I miss my buddy Ryan so much. That's just what it feels like, that he was my buddy. Even though we never met or spoke, he was my buddy. And yours.

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No. Nope. Still can't believe this is actually real. My heart refuses to believe it :(

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For the last three years, I've been battling depression. Eventually, when I was looking for a foothold in life, I started listening to the bombcast. I had loved Ryan and Jeff during the Gamespot days and realized there was probably a podcast I would enjoy, for the first time ever.

So I started listening. And listening. And waiting for another episode. And listening to that.

The bombcast became a constant in my life. Before, I hated wednesdays. Now, they were days to look forward to (us europeans usually listens on wednesdays b/c the time difference). Ryan was the biggest reason for that. His personality shone through in every episode and he seemed like a dude that genuinely loved life and loved living it. And that was contagious.

I'm better now. I have found a foothold again, and the bombcast is one of the reasons for that. Ryan Davis is a reason for that.

I'll be forever in your debt, duder. May you rest in peace.

#10 Posted by marcusofadown (30 posts) -

No :( No... No. This can't be happening. It just can't be happening.

I... Ryan. :(

You are all in my thoughts today. And forever.

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