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So sorry for your loss, Jeff :( My thoughts are with you and yours at this time.

Damn it, can people from and around Giantbomb please stop dying? I'm amazed every day at how you guys keep pushing through all of the personal shit you have to endure.

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After the Mind: Path to Thalamus QL, I just want to see a video of these guys where they're bouncing around inside one of those big plastic hamsterballs that go on water. And then I want to make an animated gif of that and never ever watch anything else for the rest of my life.

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Hate to make that reference again, but much of the negative stuff I keep hearing about Dan is the same kind of stuff people loved about Ryan. The willingness to embrace the shit you love no matter what, the stubbornness, the tounge-in-cheeck "fuck that" attitude, the sticking to your guns approach. All of these things were traits that made Ryan the best dude(r) ever and Dan shares some of that, in his own special way.

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Dan's contribution to the site has been superb so far (good job being Dan, Dan!). Especially in the bombcast, where he gets to tell all of his stupid, funny stories and be himself even more. I lauged out loud at the office when I heard him talk about pogs this last episode. He loves dumb, nerdy stuff and he is not afraid to admit it and embrace it. Not unlike Ryan, in a way, even though I would never compare the two in any other fashion (Ryan was one of a kind).

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I seem to remember the old E3 stuff being only on Twitch? For instance, the video version of the late night stuff where Justin McElroy did his first Sherlock Holmes bit was twitch only, wasn't it?

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I spoke to Rorie about it and yeah, those are only for annual subscribers (which I completely understand). So there you go. Also, Rorie is the coolest duder.

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So I have been a subscriber for a couple of years now, always letting the payments roll along as I think Giant Bomb is just about the best and I'll gladly support it in any way I can to see more great content on the site.

But I keep hearing about people renewing their subscription and getting a store voucher with their renewel. Is that something that everyone's supposed to get, or just people who have been non-subscribers for a while and then coming back to subscribe again? I have never seen any vouchers during the time I've been a member.

Not bitter or disappointed, just curios.

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"Encyclopedia LIVETASTICA: ESPN NFL 2K5"

I'd say yeah, it's happening.

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I have no special particular memory of Ryan - they're all fantastic. I miss that dude so much and it still feels completely surreal that he's not with us anymore. I keep feeling like he's been on the worlds longest honeymoon or something. Everytime I see him on screen, or hear him on a QL, he feels so alive to me.

And I didn't even know the man personally. But it feels like I did. I don't know, duders, it's just... Fuck.


Still sucks balls. Fuck everything about this day, forever.