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I too am on Windows 7 - 64 bit and since just before the Sony Meeting I have been unable to view chat as well. I've been using Chrome to access the stream and chat.

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@Optix12 said:

@TAFAE: Yea i got super stuck until i figured that bit out. Also as it says in one of the signs, pay attention to everything, the game basically teaches you everything you need to know on how to finish the game quite easily. I still dont know what the timer is about.

but im betting if you "complete" the game within that timer i bet something extra happens at the end.

Also if anyone is reading this to get an idea about the game, i suggest just get the game and play it with no knowledge on it.

EDIT: crappy typing.

I played through a second time to see if there was a difference - I did not see anything appreciably different. I got what I needed to finish the game and ran for the ending.

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Yes, the CDC is doing research the connection between gun violence and video games, but like the article clearly states it's also the connection with other forms of media as well.

I'd be interested to see the results of the study, given that apparently since the mid 90's the NRA has been freezing funding towards this research (

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It spins when there's a pre-rendered movie. Noticed this during the beginning of the Desmond segments and it's running the Animus loading screen.

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Many people are heavily invested financially in TF2 with Unusuals and are buying new games if they have a tie in for TF2. Valve has it pretty sweet and aren't likely to rock the boat; Anything that could be in TF3 could be patched into TF2 without losing a significant portion of the user base.