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That Star Wars poster is pretty fantastic.

This was a pretty odd summer for movies, honestly. It's the first one in years without a Pixar movie for everyone to flock to, which I think might account for a good portion of that decline in sales. Despite their arguably waning quality, Pixar still destroys the box office consistently. Next year is going to be absolutely incredible, however. I can't wait.

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PS4, since that's what is hooked up to my TV.

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War of the Monsters 2.

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I always call my RPG characters "Mariel" from the Redwall series. Loved those books! They always made me hungry; they really went in-depth about the foodstuffs.

<3 Those books were so good. And yeah, Brian Jacques really loved to go in depth with his food descriptions. Also, in Loamhedge, a flaming arrow through the neck...God, for kids books that series was super badass and violent.

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I think GiantBomb will soon replace Kotaku as my source for breaking rumors! You won't believe what happened next!

So, when does a rumor become more than "Kotaku-level"? Because this is being reported by, as Patrick said, The Wall Street Journal. I'm genuinely curious since you seem so adamant on accusing Patrick of click bait for this piece.

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I was wondering if Patrick was going to write anything about this.

Not sure what I think about these leaks. While I think Duck Hunt is a hilarious (and great) pick, and anything relating to Xenoblade is something I'm for, some of the other potential characters seem...lame. Like Dr. Mario.

Also, no Snake.

Snake is an alternate skin for Dr. Mario.

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Rorie, try to steal Obama's dog. STEAL BO FOR ME, MATTHEW.

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@mariachimacabre: Whatever your opinion is on his tone, it does not makes the video nor the opinion wrong. You should watch the video and adress @brodehouse 's opinions first. Just adressing the tone is shifting the conversation away from what we should be talking about here.

Thanks for keeping the thread going guys. I'm incredibly gutted by what is happening there and think it is important we all know about it.

I never even addressed the video in my single-sentence reply. I addressed Brodehouse's defensiveness when someone questioned what the video creator's sexual or religious orientation has to do with his opinions on Ferguson. They don't matter in the slightest. What matters is that he used to be a cop. It's for that reason alone that I take his opinions seriously.

@brodehouse I'm not using the fact that he's gay or an atheist to discredit his argument at all. I just don't see how it's relevant. The fact that he's a former police officer is very, very relevant and that alone is the reason why I would give his opinion more weight than that of others. Maybe you just need to take a step back from the thread. It's an extremely heated discussion on a very disturbing event. Spending too much time thinking about it is bound to fray the nerves.

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@likeassur said:

@brodehouse: What does his preference and religion (or lack thereof) have to do with anything?

Because he also talks about those subjects and I figured I would put that on front street before someone looks through his videos and then accuses me of trying to sneak some other agenda in.

Also, I'm used to the people I agree with on 90% of issues on completely discarding people's opinions unless they come from a minority. As such I found it prudent (or politically useful) to state openly that this person I respect is a minority and thus, people interested in a diversity of opinions might be interested in listening.

If I had described Porpentine as 'transgender' (which she is) or HipHopGamer as 'black' (which he is), would you find it necessary to bait me, looking for some hidden evil?

Did you even watch the first minute of the video?

This seems like kind of an overreaction for someone asking how his being gay or an atheist pertains to his views on Ferguson.

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I've had a WIndows 8 laptop for a while now...and I'm going to be getting a 15 inch MacBook Pro by the end of the year. Windows 8 is fiiiine but I just don't like the way it looks and don't think it adds much to the experience that I enjoy.