By the Numbers: Data Dump - July 2012

Wake up, wake up. It's the 1st of tha month! Time for another set of blue bars to look at. If you were a fan of these in the past and somehow missed last month, just know that I don't access to some of the analytics that Ethan did. That means I can't tell you who had the most visited profile pages or most visited blog pages. If I do get access to that, I'll definitely let you all know.

June's numbers were affected across the site by E3 2012. July was a slow month in terms of games, but we did have the Steam Summer Sale to boost some activity around here.

And don't forget you can click on the graphs to embiggen™ them.


The number of blogs posted on the site per day is kind of all over the place. You can't really even pin it down to weekdays vs. weekends.


Fellow moderator, , has been on a tear with his Video Game Music of the Day blogs. And, if you're a fan of beer, you should really check 's Brewcasts featuring's Joey Fameli.



Only two of the most commented topics of July were related to games. That's what happens when no games come out. All I can say is that I really hope games start coming out soon.

Also worth noting, if there's four things that Giant Bomb users love, it's:

  • Cheap games
  • Wrestling
  • Anime

No surprise here. easily takes the top spot with the most posts once again by just barely missing 200 posts.


Well, Patrick took the top spot here due to news posts, so that makes the most active user in terms of creating topics.


Forum activity seems to bottom out on the weekends, which is kinda weird to me. Maybe that will change now that school is starting up again. I'm guessing people have had a lot of free time during the week lately. They certainly haven't been playing new games.


And the commenting activity pretty much mirrors the creation activity for the most part.



Low numbers across the board here on the user reviews front. We're almost out of the desert, guys. I promise. There will be new games soon. We're almost there!


I don't really know who or are, but they're carrying the whole community in terms of reviewing games it seems.


I don't know what the hell happened on July 5th, but apparently someone went buck wild on reviewing games that day.



What if I were to tell you the most viewed, and therefore most popular, video on Giant Bomb during the month of July was Ryan and Vinny bouncing on a trampoline? Yeah...that sounds about right.


So, posted on videos 98 times in July, and if my investigations are correct, he still doesn't have the "First!" quest completed. You'll get it soon, buddy!



3400+ individual edits? I have no idea what that guy's doing. Might have to look into that...


Always interesting to see new names at the top of highest points earned list.


These are the top 10 pages in terms of number of edits made, not points. How did FF7 jump into the top 10? And that seems like a ridiculous amount of edits for the Cerebrate page.


And here's the top 10 game pages in terms of points earned. Some weird stuff on the list this month. All comes back to being in the depths of the Summer drought I think.


Here's a breakdown of edits per day shown by category. That's a pretty big spike in the middle of the month for game pages.


Moderator business over here. I'm pretty sure that spike in rejections was when I ran into some users trying to add games to franchises incorrectly. But, for the most part, you can see here that we don't have to reject many submissions at all. Some days none at all.


ZombiePie once again squashed the submission queue. Every time I go in there, it's practically empty. It's been fairly slow the last few months. I kinda miss the days when we'd chug through 200+ submissions a day. You guys should do something about that. Get on that. Give us something to do.


Just a heads up...Next month's edition will be several days late, because I will be at PAX Prime 2012.