End of an Era that Died Five Years Ago

Before the Giant Bomb Xboxalypse celebration started last night, I threw Burnout 3 into the 360 and much to my surprise, there were several people playing.  Man, I really miss that game.  I miss the old Burnout games in general.  Paradise was great in its own way, but I hope they get back to something similar to Takedown or Revenge.  But if the rumors are true, and Criterion is working on an SSX game, I'll take that before a new Burnout any day.  And hey, we get more DJ Atomika either way! 
Then we tried out some Crimson Skies.  Still had 95% of the people playing as the Devastator.  Personally, I always used the Coyote.  The fireball worked well for me.  I have to agree with Ryan and Dave on the idea of Microsoft doing an new XBLA version of the game. 
Lastly, even though I was never really a huge fan of the game, we had to try out the ol' Halo 2.  I didn't know most of the maps, and got completely owned most of the time, but it was still fun.  Even though I hadn't played any of these games in years, it's kinda sad to think I'll never have the option of playing them online again.

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Posted by JJWeatherman

Man I know, It's really sad. Halo 2 was my go-to game when I first got started on LIVE. Crazy how long it's been. I'm just hoping whatever changes Microsoft decides to implement with their new found freedom from old LIVE constraints is worth it. I'm sure it will be.

Posted by LordAndrew

It's kind of depressing that I've never played Xbox game online, and now I never will be able to. But at least there's still System Link, right? Xbox multiplayer shall live on through LAN play. Let's have a Halo 2 LAN party!