Hey, everybody! It's Shoesday.

Okay, look…I'm sorry. That was a terrible pun. But, here's the deal. A couple weeks ago, @wafflestomp shared the idea of creating some New Balance 574's in memory of Ryan. I thought that was a great idea, and I could use some new shoes for PAX Prime 2013 anyway, so I got to work trying to design some on their website. Later, I saw that Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity) had made some all-white 574's in memory of Ryan and was also encouraging people to buy the same color scheme of the original "Baller Time" 574's. I didn't want to copy that exactly. I wanted to make something that Giant Bomb fans would easily recognize, but maybe not so obvious to "outsiders." And this is what I came up with.

China could not be reached for comment.

I never thought I'd own a pair of pink shoes, but here we are. I toyed around with the idea of doing the inverse of these (mostly pink), but decided I wasn't cool enough to pull it off even as a joke.

So, as Max said, it'd be pretty awesome if we had a bunch of people at PAX were rocking Ryan's favorite shoes. If you're interested, you can get some 574's for as low as $50 depending on the color. But, if you want to create your own, it'll run you about $140 or so. Here's some links to saved custom designs.

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Mine came yesterday too. I haven't wore New Balance since I was like eight but I'm doing it for you, Ryan.

Side note: These things are comfy as fuck! I can see why he liked them so much.

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You made those?


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@jouseldelka: You can design them from scratch on their website by picking what color every piece is and if you want something written on the back. Here.

@milkman: Awesome!

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@marino: Dig those a lot. I bought these guys 2 weeks ago, and this pair should show up in a couple hours. Planning on getting a custom pair some time later this year, I really like that purple color they have but can't find them in standard pairs how I like them.

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OH MAN...been fiending for some new NEW BALANCE sneakers since my current ones are starting to wear out but they're still comfy though.

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As a dude that loves himself some purple, I see nothing wrong with a lil' pink. Keep on fightin' the good fight, homie.

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Oh man. I really like those Saints ones, @marino. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh. That's so dumb and tempting.

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Shouldn't the U on the middle "uh" be on one shoe and the H on the other? EQUALITY, MAN.

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This thread is so dumb in a way that I'm really digging. If I had the money, I'd seriously consider a pair:

So dumb, so cool.

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I think I saw on Twitter that John Drake got a pair of these. I wonder if New Balance is noticing this sudden rush on "Baller Time" 574s.

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@bbalpert said:

I think I saw on Twitter that John Drake got a pair of these. I wonder if New Balance is noticing this sudden rush on "Baller Time" 574s.

For some reason, I think they should do a donation drive with CBSi to have a Ryan Davis custom line of 574's......RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?

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I do need a new pair of shoes, and a sick pair of green 574s would be nice, but I'm not sure I'm quite man enough to wear shoes that say "Baller Time"

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@bbalpert: I think @epicsteve had some green ones at PAX East this year. I'm pretty sure any color will work.

@gaspower: It'd be cool if there was an "official" model, but considering you can make your own already, that's probably a lot easier.