PAX Prime 2010 Video Highlights - Saturday Night Concerts

You may not even be aware that PAX offers concerts, but it does!  On Friday and Saturday night there are several hours of music in the main theater, which was at Benaroya Hall this year.  The hall was several blocks down the street, but being a symphony hall, the acoustics were miles ahead of the cement warehouse that was previously the main theater in the convention center.   If you've never heard MC Frontalot, Paul & Storm, or Jonathan Coulton... shame on you.  And if you ever go to PAX, don't miss out on this. 

  About two thirds of the way into this song it suddenly turns into a Double Rainbow tribute.  Don't miss this! 
  The sea of lights created by DS's, PSP's, and cell phones is always a cool moment. 
  Featuring none of that the Wil Wheaton
  Part 2. 
  The zombies in this song are a bit too good at singing. 
  Hide the kids.  This one's a bit NSFW.