Show Off Your Pile of Plastic

"Post Your Desktop" threads are so 1998.  How about we pull the camera back from the desktop and check out each others' home theater setups, living rooms, and gaming libraries?  


Next week I'm going to organize my games autobiographically. 
When I posted my Kinect Beta blog last month, several people commented on my living room setup.  So it got me to thinking about how other people arrange their games.  I'm not too ashamed to admit I have a certain level of OCD.  I mean, who in their right mind takes the time to keep 800+ things alphabetized on a list on Giant Bomb.  But that OCD bleeds over into the real world as well.  I was horrified when Matt posted his Xbox 360 collection and it was not alphabetized.  There was an urge to fly to England to fix it.  Ever since I was kid I've tried to keep my games organized.  But how do you do it?  Do you even have a shelf?  Or do you keep everything in stacks?  Do you keep old stuff out?  Or do you keep it in boxes in the closet?  Are you one the heathens who throws away the manual and box, keeping the discs in a binder? 

The 55" Sony Bravia is about 8 months old now.  Magazine collection on the left.  Yes, that's a Scribblenauts hat on top of MW2 night vision goggles.  The Nintendo shelf on the right is in somewhat chronological order from bottom to top.  The "2" "3" "4" posters are actually fold-out press kits for Metal Gear Solid from various E3's.


I got this couch stuff about the same time as the TV.  I've had the posters for a while, especially the Tekken Tag one.  The Fallout one is from PAX 08 and is signed by Todd Howard.  The 'Splosion Man poster is from PAX 09 and is signed by the Twisted Pixel team.  The shelving unit is all PlayStation stuff.

This side room is a lot more useful than a porch.  The shelf in that room is mostly Xbox stuff, but it also has Dreamcast, soundtracks, Genesis, Game Gear, and Neo Geo Pocket games along with some handheld systems in their boxes.  Above the shelf is issue #1 of Nintendo Power, a sketch of Cammy by Long Vo from PAX 09, and the 9.9.99 issue of EGM signed by John Davison.

This closet's top shelf is all systems.  Why there's 3 Xbox 360 boxes is a long story.  The shelf below this is primarily E3 SWAG from 1997-2006.  Then there's a bunch of large box/collector's edition stuff.  There's also a stack of copy paper boxes full of accessories and demos that don't fit out on shelves.

And lastly, not pictured in the images above is the Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul of games I picked up.  The demonic cat was a probably a mistake regardless of how good the deal was on it.   So what's your collection look like?  How's your rig set up?
Black Friday Demon Cat
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Posted by ChristianCastillo

jeez, that is a pretty awesome setup.

Posted by AjayRaz

holy shit. that setup is boss

Posted by BeachThunder

Stop it ;_; you're making me jealous

Posted by iBePeRFeCT

Wow.  I don't know what else to say but wow...

Posted by emkeighcameron

Mine's like this, but worse:

Posted by csl316

all i noticed was SSX 3.  and all i got to say to that is woo

Posted by cjmabry

Oh my goodness. You sir, are my new idol. Not only do you have everything gaming related anyone could want, but you actually have it organized. That, my friend, is unheard of. 
Seriously though, FREAKING JEALOUS is an understatement. You should be proud.

Posted by Crono11

Is it true that if I kill you, I become you?  
That's an awesome setup. Makes me too embarrassed to post mine. 

Posted by Shirogane

Ah! Chain chomp plushie! AWESOME! 
All i have is 1 shelf, unfilled, equal in size to four squares of your shelf behind the chain chomp.
Posted by Marino
@Shirogane: It's actually a chain chomp soccer ball.  A friend of mine picked it up at the Nintendo World store for me in NY over the summer. 

Thanks for all the compliments guys, but let's get some more participation here as well.  What's your living room look like?  I know someone out there has a 130" projector screen on their wall or something crazy.
Posted by zombie2011

My Xbox and the 5 games i have are the only things video game related in my house. 

Posted by zityz

I keep all my games I'm not going to play or not going to use in a Tote in my storage closet. same goes for my mag collection. 
You have a nice set-up, but I always feel like these threads are basically " Look at all this cool shit I got to show off and brag about"

Posted by Toxin066
@Marino:  Holy jumping. ...It's so beautiful.
Posted by PrivateIronTFU

My Sony Bravia, which I am getting annoyed with.  Every color seems to smear for the first hour or so that it's on.   

 I have mostly movies, and a comparatively small collection of games.
Posted by Marino
@PrivateIronTFU: Damn, that's a lot of Blu-rays.  How old is your TV and when did it start having color problems?
Posted by mylifeforAiur

Some of you have probably seen these pictures....but, too bad >.> 

I would take new pics, but I can't find my camera <.<
Edited by PrivateIronTFU
@Marino: Let's see. I think it was manufactured in April, and I bought it sometime in mid-June. And I don't know if it's just a natural 'warm up period' for this particular tv, or if there's actually something wrong with it, but I only noticed it in the last month. The tv turns on, and, especially with the Xbox dashboard, colors smear when flipping through the blades. Whites and blacks especially leave noticeable trails. Maybe I just have sensitive eyes.
Posted by moelarrycurly

Holy moley

Posted by Sweep


 The screen on the left is my Xbox 360 screen, the middle is my main and the one on the right is mainly used for watching films while i'm working and for displaying my Starcraft 2 build orders. I have everything on my desk glowing blue: The LED's on the front of my computer, the light beneath my keyboard, the lights on my mouse, the lights in my PC case - it all looks pretty sexual in the dark. I don't really have much in the way of physical games as all my PC stuff is on steam. However, the shelves on the left house the few DVD cases that I actually have: 

 I'm in a shitty student house so all the furniture is pretty junky. However those speakers were given to me by my mum and they are super old-school. The bass is purrrrfect. I brought those box lights back from thailand, I'm terrified of plugging them in incase I forget to turn them off one night and they burn the house down. Please note my fightstick on the top shelf, gathering dust :(

This is my new leather chair that I got for my birthday. I figured if i'm going to spend my entire life sitting in front of a computer I may as well do so in comfort. 

 My third Xbox 360. The first Red Ringed and the second was stolen. This puppy has survived almost 2 years now, but I remain cautious at all times. That top shelf contains everything a man will ever need. Alcohol, shot glasses, aftershave, and compressed air. In that order.

So yeah.

 That was where the magic happens. Happened. Is happening? Magic.
Posted by mylifeforAiur
@Sweep: That's pretty fucking awesome!
Posted by BraveToaster
@AjayRaz said:
" holy shit. that setup is boss "
Posted by Marino
@Sweep: The triple screen set up is pretty sweet.  Making limited space of a dorm work well.  Back in my EQ days I knew people that used a setup similar to that playing three accounts at once.
Posted by Redbullet685
@Marino: That setup is amazing. I'm Jealous.
Posted by Jasta

You should charge people by the hour to come and marvel at that setup dude, fucking hell.

 Most of my DVD's, and a gamecube...and yellow ninja man.

 Hoping to fatten this shelf up a bit over Christmas. Mixture of a bunch of platforms.               

 PS2/Gamecube games go well with a chilled Dew. 



 The small shrine thats started to develop over the years.
 Love this picture/poster.
 I've been planning on doing alot of cable tidying but never seem to get round to it, mostly because I take a look at the state its in and cower. 

 This used to take up the vast majority of the room, it spends most of the time in the back of my car doesint glow like it used to. *sniff* 
Posted by Altered_Confusion

I'm going to have to go with everyone else on this and say that I'm beyond jealous of the setup that you have, I can only dream of having something like that to hold all my wealth of video game awesomeness.

Posted by Brake

I'm always wierdly facinated by peoples set ups and collections. I'll finally be able to take some pictures of my own by the end of the year (hopefully), after I get some shelves, a sofa and a big ass tv in this joint (I moved in like a month ago).

Posted by Marino
@Jasta: Is the TV mounted with one of those arms you can move around?  I like the Mass Effect comics across the top of the game cabinet.  And what is that Pokemon drink?  It's probably tough to see, but on my magazine shelf I've got some Phoenix Wright coffee.
Posted by Diamond

Posted by Fattony12000

My girlfriend and I have bought a house together. 
Her collection of consoles, games and films  + my collection of consoles, games and films...

Tis going to be thoroughly off the motherfucking chain.

Edited by pekoe212

That setup is really nice! AND you have an orange cat, which takes it to amazing (I've got one too, they're the best). I love all the framed items on the walls, it really makes it go from "this is a room full of video game stuff" to  "this is a room about video games." I wish I had your talent for organization, my stuff ends up tossed in cupboards when people come over and then I can't find it again. My apartment only  has two rooms total, granted they are a nice size but the wall space is quite limited, so many of my games are in the closet in a Rubbermaid tub. I keep the in-use games next to the consoles. I have one shelf of Playstation games, unfortunately it's next to the cat's food dish. I look forward to having a house someday, one without electric baseboard heating - fire hazard and takes up so much wall real estate.

Edited by Skald

Since you asked so nicely...

My PS3 games and most of my books
Posted by nick_verissimo
@Marino: Hey, so where do you live? Do you keep your doors locked at all times? 
Joking aside, really cool set-up you have going on there.  Definitely respect a collector that keeps everything organized, labelled and easy to access at all times. I totally dig the Nintendo Power collection you have going on as well; I also have the first issue and cherish it, but I haven't subscribed in years.....I have no idea if it's worth reading anymore. Anyhow, good stuff !
Posted by trophyhunter

I have over 1000 total games but since I moved a couple times in the past few years.
I had to get rid of all my boxes. I fucking sucks. I have like thirty binders full of games instead of shelves beautiful boxart. 

Posted by Lukeweizer

Some seriously amazing stuff, Marino. You mind if I ask you what you do for a living?

Edited by melcene

I find it entertaining when I find other people who keep their empty game/console boxes.  
Also, as for organization, we don't have enough to warrant alphabetical, but they must be sorted by console, and because we have so many music games, those all get their own stack.
I need to take new pics, these are fairly old, but for now, here they are: 

Oldest school stuff (I think there's a system or two missing)

 Warhammer paint station (Hey, it's gaming too)

 PC Games (Notice the doubles of many items!  Gotta have his and hers!)

Part of the WoW collection

 Part of the music game collection


Part of the EQ collection
Posted by Marino
@Diamond: Nice! Someone else who knows how to alphabetize. Do you struggle to determine where to place Oblivion and MW2?
Posted by Marino
@Lukeweizer: Auto claims. I hate it, but it pays decent and the benefits are good. Can't really complain too much about a job in current times I guess.
Posted by Diamond
@Marino said:
" @Diamond: Nice! Someone else who knows how to alphabetize. Do you struggle to determine where to place Oblivion and MW2? "
Ah not so much, it just sort of flows into my mind.  I like to put sequels together and in order of their release, you'll also notice I put the Tom Clancy games together.  It'll make even less sense if they put out Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim.  I might have to put Oblivion in 'E' then.
Posted by Marino
@melcene: I stared at your PC games cabinet for like 3 minutes wondering where the EQ stuff was before I gave up and saw it had it's own picture at the bottom.
Edited by Nadafinga

Here's the setup: 

PlayStation 3, 50" Panisonic plasma, Polk surround bar, Onkyo subwoofer.

Now for the plastic: 

Rock Band gear, Logitech GT racing wheel. 

PlayStation Move, Buzz Quiz buzzers 
Unlike many of you, I don't collect games. Once I'm done with them I tend to sell them off. This is what's currently in my drawer, which looks different on a month to month basis. 

Not gaming related, but worth mentioning: This is every episode of MST3K, all 10 seasons, each in it's own thinpak case with custom cover art. Many are bootlegs, since many aren't commercially available. Larger pic here.
Posted by Brake
@Nadafinga said:

Not gaming related, but worth mentioning: This is every episode of MST3K, all 10 seasons, each in it's own thik pak case with custom cover art. Most are bootlegs, since most aren't commecrially available.    Larger pic here. "

That is the coolest thing ever.
Posted by CptChiken

All of these set ups put mine to fucking shame.

Posted by beej
@Marino:  That was super informative but you forgot one thing, the name of the cat featured in two of your photos! 
I ask this only because I, like the internet, am obsessed with cats. 
Edited by niamahai

man all those stuff are great!

Posted by Marino
@beej: The cat's name is Katamari.
Posted by beej
@Marino: Awesome, with that out of the way, Nice setup! I keep imaging that someday I'm going to get all of my stuff hooked up right, set my pc up to my stereo, all of that. And then I say "screw it I'm going to play video games", I admire your work ethic.
Posted by mderbs311

Awesome! Love threads like this! Man, Marino you have a ridiculous set up!!! I am truly jealous!!!   
Well here is my little hovel, I recently moved into an upstairs room in me and my roommates house. Much smaller but also where the main cable and internet hub is so that's awesome! Unfortunately most of my DVD collection and books and stuff are still in my old room downstairs :( This is just whats migrated up here. Also, im messy!

                                                                         My 47 inch Sony Wega Projection LCD TV, PS3, 360, and PS2!
                                                       My few  plastic instruments, whatever dvds have migrated, my blurays and some graphic novels!
                              And my meager game collection, recently alphabetized as well! Also some TV Box Sets. I love me some 24! 
                                              Here is my wonderful PC I built myself for my birthday in June. I love blue, by the way!
                                          And here is the lovely 23 inch 1080p led monitor my mother got me to compliment my new PC! 
This is where all my gaming and computer related needs get taken care of. It ain't much, but I am lucky to have all of it!
Posted by Tordah

I love these threads. I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of showing off right now, but I'll be sure to share sometime in the future!

Posted by Red12b
so what, pick up lines, hey girl let me show you my cockpit, it's got three screens 
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