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1. The staff likely isn't going to be commentating over either of these things because they go live right before the actual show floor opens.

B. We have the ability to stream two things at once in chat.

III. Lockdown

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@ajamafalous: Announcing the sale date/time would only make it worse. And they would sell out in minutes anyway. There's literally no "good" way to do it. So, from their perspective, launching it and announcing it on Twitter is the only fair way to do it.

If you set up proper alerts, you'll know when it goes live. The tweet generally goes out with the link before the actual site updates.

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@nightriff: That's my fault. I didn't realize there was a separate button I had to press to link articles to the forums. It should show up now.

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@cosmicbacon: Awesome work. You're on the front page of the site now.

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@demoskinos: But also, I kinda need 1+3 for throws. So...I'm screwed either way.

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@demoskinos: I looked at that, but the description didn't seem like that's what it meant. I dunno. I'll try it.

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I'm using a PDP Klassic Mortal Kombat stick, so the button layout is already fine. I did change the Run button to Interact. I only wish I could somehow turn off the 1+2=Interact shortcut. Sometimes, when trying to do punch combos too fast, I end up jumping off something in the background.

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Done up to here.

Should I even ask why one Japanese voice actress has 473 names?