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@lanechanger: Oh, man. Gorenaire fights were always a clusterfuck for us for some reason.

@marino: How many years did it take for that game to have more than two healing sound effects, anyway?

Probably til Luclin? I like the old stuff anyway though. There this web page that seems to linger forever that has all the sound files if you're interested.

@marino: Why feel bad? I always thought as a mage we brought alot to the table :)

Plus we always had the option to efficiently solo.

Yeah, I'm not saying mages didn't have value. But, on the list of classes people would look for when building a group in Sebilis or something, mages were pretty low on the list.

@bollard said:

Huh, so Champions of Norrath is actually from the EverQuest universe?

Ha! Yes! The game originally had a subtitle of "Realms of EverQuest."

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The mere mention of Unrest puts nightmares of frenzied beetles into my bones.

To me it always reminds me of the wail of those "festering hags." You could hear them through the walls.

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@mrfluke: As Hailinel said, I don't expect South to make any noticeable difference in terms of making it easier to get badges for Prime. If anything, it's going to make it worse. People that go to the first South are probably going to get a "lesser" version of PAX (for lack of a better description), and then begin thinking "well, that was pretty fun...I wonder what the 'real' PAX is like." The first East was pretty small in terms of size and in terms of which publishers showed up. But once they proved that a second PAX could work, the second year was huge and moved to the newer, larger convention center in Boston.

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@dr_kyosho: This is pretty crazy/awesome. I'm not sure it totally works the way intended, but I've put a promo on the front page to get some more eyes on it. Nice job.

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@hailinel: You're on the front page of the site now (along with that adorable picture).

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Done up to here.

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@datarez: Sorry I haven't responded. PAX kept me busy. Love the long response though. I think the first time "real life" crossed into the game for me was on 9/11. One of my guild's officers (and former leader) worked in the WTC. Luckily, he got out in time. But, playing that afternoon and us not knowing was super weird.

As for hell levels, all of the 50's were crazy, but especially 54 and 59.

As for lore, there is actually a lot in the game, it's just that they don't always do a great job conveying it. A few years ago, when I was working on filling out all the EQ stuff on the wiki here, I learned a lot of stuff I never knew about the game (10 years after the fact).


@zakn: Ha! I love the Temple of Veeshan chat explanation. The one you were forgetting was /auction. The faction wars of Velious were always fun to me, and that's what determined who went where in ToV. West ToV (Hall of Relics) was for giant lovers. East ToV (Halls of Testing) was for dragon lovers. And North ToV (Vault of Worship), was for anyone strong enough to go for some of the best loot in the game at that point.

I'm totally with you on needing a fear of death back in MMOs. It's the #1 thing missing these days.

Vex Thal five times in a week. Ugggggghh. I got soooo burnt out on that place. There was one night (probably similar to your situation) where we were up late clearing "our turn" on VT. Around 1AM, the server crashed. We had a decision to make. We could either quit, and let the Korean guild on our server (daytime for them) take it, or we could hold our ground and start over. I remember seeing the sun come up through my window as we were entering Aten Ha Ra's chamber. It was real dumb. We were all dead tired, but were laughing deliriously by the end of it.

I do have to disagree with you about Guk though. I loved that damn place. Sure, I hated it at times, but I spent 40-50 there on my first character and have countless stories about it.


@sqrabbit said:

This area seems lacking in posts with fun concepts like instance rotations, guild alliances, Euro/Aussie/Korean guilds that ignored or refused schedules and just ganked whatever was leftover. Point systems, group makeups, 8-man healing rotations with cover healers that watched separate channels, "sunshine" players, "tourists". Oh yeah no Vent servers or voice chat..... All f-ing macros and asshole ascii spam lines to clear channel chat.

The rotation stuff was pretty prevalent on Rodcet Nife. The guild I was in during the time I was playing ended up being the #2 American time zone guild on the server behind Avatars of Discord and later Ascent. There was a Korean guild, Arirang, that could do everything we could. So, yeah, we worked out a loose rotation plan which not everyone always stuck to (see my VT story above), which led to some drama of course. But that's one of the elements of the game I look back on fondly. The competition for spawns was fun. Instancing ruined this.

My first main was a cleric so I know all too well about the complete heal chains. Christ, that got real crazy sometimes. One person lags a little and everything just falls apart.

We also switched to DKP system during Luclin, which worked out great for me. I ended up getting our guild's first two Emperor Ssraeshza drops (haste boots and the torque).


@guesty_01: Oh, man. A magician. I always felt bad for you guys in LFG situations. I love that you brought up Unrest though. That place was scary as hell at the time. It was the first destination that led me to take the boat from Freeport to Butcherblock (I was a halfling). Someone had told me I needed to go there to grind. I looked it up online and simply had to get a Bloodstained Tunic. It was so far away from any sort of bank though. I remember being encumbered by coppers and not wanting to destroy the money, but then someone would run a train down the walls towards the exit and I'd have to literally drop my money in order to attempt an escape.

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