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@EpicSteve: You should definitely live in the dorm for your first year, or at the very least your first semester.  It's an experience you'll never have the chance to have again.
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@jukezypoo: I'm generally a Sony guy with most things. I'll give that one a look.  Thanks.
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I'm wanting to graduate out of the point and shoot world (considering my phone can do that if the need arises), and move up to an SLR.  I wanting to spend less than $1000.  And I'm wanting to get something before March when I head to PAX East 2011 and WrestleMania.  So, I'm looking for any recommendations and/or an education on this stuff.  I've been watching cnet reviews, but I don't know what I'm doing really.
My sister got this one as a wedding gift back in September and seems to like it alot.

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What PsEG said.  And to add to that, these panels are usually scheduled back-to-back-to-back all day from 10:00 AM til sometimes as late as midnight.  There's usually a 30 minute gap between each panel, but most panels go overtime a little bit, which gives just enough time to get everyone out and let all the people in line outside in for the next panel.  It would be a logistical nightmare to try to set up a whole bunch of equipment on their own, especially since it's usually Drew by himself doing the video (obviously Vinny's on stage).  I guess they could have a laptop webcam on, but there's typically no WiFi at PAX and when you get 70,000 nerds in one place, there's typically no good cell service either. 
Plus, sometimes (PAX 09), they do something special for the people who are there that isn't included on the videos that are uploaded to the site.  
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@Dtat: Highly unlikely.  I remember Ryan saying last year that it would be disrespectful.  I'm sure the video of the panel will be up within a few days though.
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Matt is correct about getting there at LEAST an hour early.  And from my experience at PAX East last year, lines were sometimes longer than PAX Prime for some panels.  I think this was due to the fact that many of the panels I went to (i.e. Mega64), it was the first time those people had been to the east coast for any type of panel/live show.  At Prime, a lot of the people have been going for several years, so they probably don't go to the same panels every year.  But at East, it's all new.  And with this being the first east coast Giant Bomb related thing, I'd expect the turnout to be pretty big. 
Long story short, I'd plan on getting to whatever theater it's going to be in around 8pm.
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@Unknown_Pleasures: I don't personally know the lineage on Tecmo and Koei, but if we don't have a Tecmo-only page, then it should probably get the same treatment as Namco did.
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@Echo: Nice.  And you are correct on the virtual console stuff.  They should have both publishers listed since the VC release would be under the merged name.  I've put up the task, so I'll need you to do some type of edit to the page for it to recognize you as contributing to the task so that I can award the points.