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Here's why I created it.

My Armor Dye page was getting games added to it that shouldn't be. Some games let you change colors without any means of explaining why or without the use of an in game item to do so. So I decided to make a new page to differentiate it. While every game on the armor dye page would also appear on the color customization page, the reverse is not true.

The color customization page isn't limited to armor or even just cars (it was just the first example I could think of when making it). I guess it's an all encompassing concept. If we feel it's unnecessary, that's fine. I was only trying to find a place for the games that didn't belong on the armor dye page since that page is fairly specific.

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@saturnvengeance: Blackbird is basically correct.  Underground was a quarterly thing, so you were only getting info every three months.  Many paper magazines had begun including demo discs on every issue, so Underground didn't even have an advantage there anymore.  When Underground first launched in 1997, it was way ahead of its time.  No one was doing demo discs at that point.  The idea of being able to play games before they were out and getting video footage of things like E3 and behind the scenes at dev studios was unheard of.  But with the increasing popularity of the internet, getting that sort of content was much easier.  The last real issue of Underground was sent out shortly after the release of the PS2.  The branding carried on, but the actual magazine stopped.
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I refuse to don the Santa hat until after Thanksgiving.  Then it's fair game.

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@damnboyadvance said:
" Like they would enforce this. I'm sure the government has more important things to focus on than policing the internet. "
Right.  Like policing baseball.
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@melcene: Glad I'm not the only one that remembers stuff like this.  I worked as holiday help at Best Buy in 2005 during 360 launch and the scene was pretty similar to your description.  Except that it started raining and people began parking their cars "in line" from the entrance wrapping around the building.  It was quite ridiculous. 
@WJist: I played EQ on dial-up in college for close to a year.  It worked fine most of the time.  
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If you don't want to know, why the hell did you click this thread? 

Finish VR Missions and you get a Metal Gear outfit?  Pretty clever.  It kinda breaks the atmosphere of the game, but it makes cutscenes pretty damn hilarious. 
By the way, you don't have to get gold on them all.  Just finish them.
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@Unchained said:
" 2004-2007 I was deep in World of Warcraft and missed out on all the gaming events in the real world. I quit wow shortly before Q3 2007, so I was able to get really into the games that game out that year. Holy crap, this week was nuts in 2007. I'd forgotten how crazy it was until I look at your list.    "
Sounds like you were in the same situation as I was with EQ from 2000-2003.  And yeah, 2007 was pretty ridiculous.
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@skrutop said:
" @Marino said:
" @ShaggyChu: Yeah.  Maybe the game doesn't show them to you unless you have it."
You're right; the goals don't show up unless you have it. "
Which is pretty dumb, honestly.  If they showed people, it would entice them to go buy the other games.