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@se1zur3: Hey! That guy with the white hat a few rows ahead of you is me!

I've uploaded all of my pictures to the PAX Prime 2014 page.

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@yummylee said:

Troy Baker reference?? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

He's so dreamy.
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You dissing Wyoming?! :P

It was my last region in the US to fill in my StreetPass map. Took three years to find one.

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"Hard Rock Rooftops"

Hey, I was at this. That was a good party.

Yeah! We were on that roof for several hours. When we got up there around 6:30, it was basically empty, but then it was just a cavalcade of recognizable people.

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@kenobi: As Nate pointed out, all the GB-related panels are on my guide. If you have any questions about it, lemme know.

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@laika: The only good Slate is a dead Slate.

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@doomocrat: Haha. The EC tunnel was the best. As a halfling cleric, I also remember ducking/wedging my way through people at the entrance to the tunnel. I remember it being enchanters making a fat wall of ogres though. And, yeah bard percussion was great. I remember spending time binding people for donations at the Freeport gate while bards were offering taxi runs to Qeynos for 100pp.

@dunchad: Man...I spent so much time in Oasis. Endless spectre trains. Cazel smashing people with his spoon. Lockjaw ripping people up at the docks. Yet, I still spent level 14-20 there before moving on to High Keep. I was pretty upset when they got rid of Oasis by folding it into the revamped Desert of Ro zones.

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@marino did you get into Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and/or following development on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen? Both Brad McQuaid joints, of whom I've read some unfavorable things about and maybe sounds a little crazy? Anyways, I had only heard about both of those recently that are supposedly spiritual successors to everquest. The former of which had been shut down by SOE. Was just wondering if you had dabbled into those at all.

I was in the Vanguard beta suuuuper early. That So much potential and it just never came together. Having Microsoft dump them surely didn't help, and then SOE basically shoved it out the door. It never really had a chance.

I backed Pantheon out of curiosity but it was clear pretty early that it wasn't going to make it. I wrote a blog about that too.

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@koobz: I went ahead and bumped this to the front page of this here website. Nice work!

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@koolaid: Nice work. I went ahead and put this on the front page of the site.

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@smurfspunk: That's pretty awesome. You're on the front page of the site now.

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@lanechanger: Yeah, I came to terms several years ago with the fact that recapturing that magic is impossible. P99 and things like Shards of Delaya scratch the itch a little, but the sense of wonder and discovery is gone. Everyone knows how to do everything and get everywhere at this point. And most importantly, all the people I loved (and hated) are gone.

It's sad to think that EQ was the most fun I will ever have in a game, but it's probably true.