Black Friday 2012

I went a little crazy during this year's deals I guess. I ended up getting 14 games but stayed under $200 spent. There's a mix of good and bad games in here, admittedly. clearly won Black Friday thanks to their $10 deals and super cheap Forza Horizon. Sometime on Friday night, they had close to 150 games available for $10.

I learned that I'll buy just about anything for $10. Steel Battalion for Kinect? Yeah, I'll pay $10 to see how bad that was.

I need help.

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Posted by dvdhaus

Man I spent way too much money this Black Friday.

Posted by Marino

@dvdhaus: I was happy to get out before going over the $200 mark.

Posted by sarge1445

I managed to stay under 100 dollars last year and got Persona 4 Arena, Specs Ops the Line, DOA 5, The Ratchet Collection, To the Moon, FTL, and Dance Central 3