I Waited Over an Hour in Line for This

I've been to a lot of gaming conventions. Ten E3's. Thirteen PAX's. That's a lot of waiting in line. I'm generally against waiting in line for extended periods of time, but sometimes it can't be avoided. Typically, I'll pick out two or three things that I must see or play at a show and target one per day right when the doors open. This usually eliminates at least some of the normal waiting period. When I had this idea, I started looking back at the shows I've been to and I realized that this whole waiting in line for hours thing didn't become prevalent until more recently. The 90's were a simpler time, kids.

I remember being at the E3's in Atlanta and being able to walk right up without a line to play things like Star Fox 64, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VIII, and countless others. That just wouldn't be possible at a show today. Anyway, here's some stuff I can remember definitely waiting more than an hour to see or play. There may be others, which I'll add if and when I remember.

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