NES Collection

What more could a six year-old kid ask for when graduating kindergarten? So I wasn't the first one (or the second or third) I knew who had an NES, but I got it eventually. I still remember being furious coming home to find out that my mom had found and beaten the next dungeon in Zelda while I was at school. As for the collection, I really should work on tracking down some of these games with the box. All but three of my NES games don't have the box. I'm not sure what caused me to start keeping them when I got a SNES, but I really wish my six-year-old self would've adopted that mentality.

Hardware & Accessories

  • Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set (complete w/box)
  • Nintendo Advantage Controller
  • Nintendo Controller (x3)
  • Nintendo Gatorskin Game Carrying Case
  • Nintendo Max Controller
  • Nintendo Power Pad
  • Nintendo Zapper (gray)
  • Nintendo Zapper (orange)

List items

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Posted by mustachioeugene

How could I not support a list that has Jaws on it.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

This is a really nice collection here....I just started my NES collection...I grew up with the SNES and Genesis so never got to experience the original far I only have Mega Man 2, Bayou Billy, StarTropics, Gauntlet (unlicensed Tengen cart), and Dragon Warrior....however, I bought I bunch of Japanese famicom stuff off of Ebay recently which includes a South American Famiclone system, a few famicom unlicensed multicarts along with some licensed titles (a few of them come complete with box) addition I got like 6 Famicom Disk System games which are in great condition and a handful of MegaDrive games...I got it all for around $150 which was an incredible deal considering the rarity of a lot of the stuff.

Posted by Killroycantkill

You have Mega Man 3?! I'll trade you my extra copy of Mega Man 2 for it LOL.
Posted by Marino
@Killroycantkill: Nah. Mega Man 3 was the best one in my opinion.