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@sor_eddie: @thiago123: Well, The manager at the warehouse when the guy went all ISIS wacko and cut a ladies head off, then started on another shot the wacko with his concealed carry

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I'm legitimately tired about hearing this crap. I'm cancelling my subscription and pulling myself away from this toxic industry. Gamergate and antigamergate are both idiotic. Video Games are not some sort of "superior art" just because you can interact with them more, they don't "need to be held to higher standards" because they are art, like every other form of art.

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Also, the fact that 'video game journalists' keep specifically pointing out that harassing female game devs is bad is going to piss off and enrage already unstable people on twitter even more. YOU SHOULDN'T HARASS ANYONE LIKE THAT EVER. Phil Fish got the same shit and Max Temkin got crap and multiple people got harassed and threatened by idiots who can hide behind a keyboard. This positive message shouldn't be "This woman is strong and women are strong" The positive message behind this should be "People who do this to anyone for any reason whatsoever are dicks" And that is only if it requires being written. But this is a site about video games so we obviously need to discuss social issues because Video Games are the forefront of social movements.

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My unpopular opinion? The whole "equality" rights movement in the gaming community that seems to want to shoehorn people into places in the industry not based on skills or qualifications but instead on Sex and Gender is one of, if not THE worst thing to happen to gaming in general.

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I think this whole discussion is ridiculous and never should have happened in the first place. They are a personality based website and while needing to be spontaneous they needed someone who can fit in right off the bat because the site was thin until these new hires. They can have newer people guest star and such on podcasts/quick looks which will open the door for more new hires in the future who they know they can commit to because they have chemistry with said people.

Again, the whole conversation is ridiculous. I got home from work and looked up what happened and my only reaction was "why was this even a thing/conversation?"

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@zevvion: I have a Purple Belt in BJJ, been doing it for 3 years, dabbled in Muay Thai for awhile but only seriously trained stand up for 8 weeks in the training camp leading up to the fight. Im gonna cut down to 155 (this was 170 next and really work my stand up now

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Afterwards the other guys mom jumped the caged, it was weird and amazing

Thought you guys would appreciate it! I shared it on reddit, then remembered people sucked on other sites when the first 2 comments were mean >_>

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New Super Mario Bros Gameplay google search, first result was the quick look, all history from there

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It's twisted metal /sad