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I think this whole discussion is ridiculous and never should have happened in the first place. They are a personality based website and while needing to be spontaneous they needed someone who can fit in right off the bat because the site was thin until these new hires. They can have newer people guest star and such on podcasts/quick looks which will open the door for more new hires in the future who they know they can commit to because they have chemistry with said people.

Again, the whole conversation is ridiculous. I got home from work and looked up what happened and my only reaction was "why was this even a thing/conversation?"

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@zevvion: I have a Purple Belt in BJJ, been doing it for 3 years, dabbled in Muay Thai for awhile but only seriously trained stand up for 8 weeks in the training camp leading up to the fight. Im gonna cut down to 155 (this was 170 next and really work my stand up now

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Afterwards the other guys mom jumped the caged, it was weird and amazing

Thought you guys would appreciate it! I shared it on reddit, then remembered people sucked on other sites when the first 2 comments were mean >_>

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New Super Mario Bros Gameplay google search, first result was the quick look, all history from there

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It's twisted metal /sad

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I remember doing the EA's MMA one and it was really really fun. Can't wait to rock this one!

GT: The Time Pilot

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Damn this came back from the dead O.O 
I have one about Bearson my profile, if you enjoy this you'll enjoy that.

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@Crocio said:
Sure, but here's the big tip: Most people write in bursts. When this happens, write down as much as you can, edit later, and post your surplus ideas regularly. Good luck.
That's a good idea, I think I'll start doing that
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I feel like I'll do better in my classes if I keep active and feel like Giantbomb is a great place to do so by writing reviews of Arcade games I purchase, reviewing MMA events and writing a weekly blog.
Here is a link to my last blog
Enough about me and my shameless plugging, is anyone else going to keep themselves sharp over the summer? If not, what are your plans?

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Well I reinstalled firefox and it looks like it works there so....I'm just gonna move back to firefox >.>