race results for today nascar hendrix chase contenders

jeff gordon-4th -up to 5th in the chase standings up from 10th

mark martin -5th not a contender

dale earnhardt jr 17th 8th in points standings

jimmie johnson-18th , 10th in points

tony steward won the race and is 1st in the standings , -meh , get this driver back to the back where he belongs


nintendo wii u wishlist

this is a wish list of games i want for the wii u hopfully they come out ,

1-mariokart- i know itll come out but the question is it when

2- marioparty 10 -even with 9 still on the way , i want one for the wii u

3 -driver 6 still gotta get sf , but played renegade and i feel like the series has redeemed it self more then enough to warrant one on wii u

4 gta 5 --after all the rumors it better come . and i am getting bored of iv and liberty city as a whole,

5 -bully 2 Where the heck is that game

6 fzero -people say they want a wii version but heck no wait for a powerful console cause the gc version would be a good substitute for the wii version lol imagine how good this would look on the wii u fzero was one of nintendos most graphical hungry games to begin with , besides stunt race back on the snes or starfox snes

7 toca race driver 4 i dont like this grid game , grid was boring bring back toca that was actually playable

8 -duke nukem 3d 2 a true sequal to n64 version of duke with spit screen and all ,

9 the lion king - disney instead of making crap like kh should look into fully remaking the snes game of the same name give it movie like visuals so we can play it just like how the movie was actually played- heck give it to treyarche/activision im sure theyll do a better job , judging by how good quantum of solace played

10 top gear -no not a game based off the stupid tv show , for those who played the super nes back in 92-93 ish , would know what this game is , and it has not had a proper sequal since 3000 rally was similar but ---not as big in number of courses

11-saints row the third -port it over ill be happy ,

12 dead rising 3

13 resident evil true sequal possibly to the 3ds revolution game i wont mind , cause it is true to the series roots , keep 4 and 5s gameplay elements i want resident evil 1 again

14 this one is a long shot but rock n roll racing - seriously why hasnt some one made a game like it , -with old rock songs and such top down view etc

15- micro machines pool tables any one , they should make this and put weapons in it, such as ability to shoot pool balls etc at people using the environment by taping the touch screen

17 call of duty- i know i hated mw 2 and never bought bops but , this would work out perfectly with the wii u tablet, alot of games actually would

18 - last but not least the nintendo 64 version of goldeneye ----- remade come on rare give up , i think its time this game finally has its destiny on a better looking console - cause that goldeneye reloaded does nothing but worsten the wii versions name , and seriously we dont need another version of that one we need a proper remake or how about a sequal


systems and estimated number of games i own for each

nintendo entertainment system -last count was 53

super nintendo entertainment system-last count 181 got 2 games since then so 183

nintendo 64-113

gamecube -109

ps1-last count -115+


ps3-45 plus 4 free ones from sony-on psn and 2 ps1 classic and 2 psn titles


atari2600 -4 measly games

saturn-6 games

dc-18 games

sega cd -3 games

sega game gear-13 games

gb-4 games

gbc-10 games



3ds-w vc included 49

nintendo wii -i havent counted in a while last count was 164

xbox -99

sega genesis-55 or so

xbox 360-200+ w xbla included 140 somthing without could be more ill post a collection vid on face book tonight with that so , for those interisted search for goldeneye@rtci.net

i got like 20 pc games as well including box sets of nfs and half life, sims 2 w 3 expansions nick basketball , and big mutha truckers as well as 2 gta games-gta 3 and gta san andreas


why i have so many lists

i want to keep track of all of my games for all of my systems ,  i dont want it all in one list cause i count my games,   and want them where they belong ,eg my 360 games including downloads as you see go in the xbox 360 section , super nintendo goes in its section and i have not yet close to complete the lists ,  i have completed only the 3ds and atari2600 list for now ,     the snes nes n64 gc xbox xbox360 ps3 ps2 ps1 psp genesis saturn dc and sega cd as well as my gameboy gbc gba ds and wii have yet to be finished ,  or my pc ,   i can do that realitvely easy cause all i got for pc is gta 3 gta san andreas nfs 2-hot pursuit 2 nascar heat 2002 sims 2 with 2 expansions land before time arcade ,  and 1 or 2 more along with the complete half life 1 collection pack ,   

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