top 10 movies of all time and worst of all time

starting with the worst

10-tornado- seriously what were they thinking , just like all those other syfi movies

9-speed 2 cruise control -did they really need to ruin a good movie by making a disaster sequal

8 titanic 2- why is all i gotta say, this one made no sense what so ever

7 tomb raider- do we really need to go into detail on why movies based off games dont do justice

6-cars- seriously whats wrong with disney , what happened to the good movies like herbie love bug, homeward bound cinderella beauty and the beast the brave little toaster etc etc , oh and the lion king ,-speaking of that i seen the 3d one last week awsome

5-never say never -seriously , whats with all this justin beiber garbage bad enough it tried to desguise it self as a james bond flim of the same name ,

4- resident evil extinction --boring all i can say

3-g,i jane- i thought this one was funny but at the same time it was to cheesy

2 -2012- what is wrong with these people cant they stop trying to claim the world is gonna end and make a movie , seriously first twister-which was rather good , then night of the twisters again good, but then they t ook it to a all new high- deep impact . to day aftor tomorow , and then 2012- the one i hate the most out of all of these, -it just made no sense -how the heck does a whole city fall and 1 car get away ya that makes sense , boring

and finally 1 goes to national lampoon dorm daze , i have almost every national lampoon movie and this ones not even remotely as good as all the others -in fact i actually think the last vacation movie was the peek of the series

now finally to the good stuff

10-twister- i think we are going in , ---i watched this hours on end, good movie ,

9 -night of the twisters - i think this was so similar to twister it even had the house that joe and bill run into in it, of course on its foundation and the tornado does rip it to shreds good movie i like the events in here more then the first one

8- titanic- now everyone knows titanic -- why they made 2 i ll never know but this movie actually was so addicting to watch the people slide down the ship as it sank i used to always rewind that part hence why its here

7-101-dalmations cartoon version - awsome i want 101 dalmations real ones haah

6 the lion king 3d -seen it love it

5 final destination series --- all 5 of them awsome , -3 was funny though

4 goldeneye007- nothing holds a candle to brosnans first bond film

3- herbie 1-the love bug , i like 2 and 5 and 3 but this one is awsome

2-air bud series- man cant get enough of this one , a dog who plays basket ball football volley ball soccer sled racing etc ,

and 1 speed -gotta love how they made that bus actually go that fast well it isnt the first time either they made a movie with a bus -wheels of terror would have been here but since its so hard to find i have no reason to list it , but ya this is the top film of all time , no other car movie can tap in to this , lots of action , lots of sad scenes as well , and packed with speed hence the name the end was my favorite guy actually gets his head cut off by a red light signal-same way james bond takes out the guy in casino royale

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