top ten worst games of all time

1 perfect dark zero- are they kidding me it took them ten years to come out with a game with even less features then the original goldeneye! are they really kidding me 9.0 -gamespot review biased! and the mission mode was easy as heck i didnt even need to play it on easy to beat the game lol ,

2 -quantum of solace -xbox 360 ps3 ps2 versions --- ok why is the wii version the only one with split screen and online? are they kidding me , fpses should always come with split screen especailly the james bond ones, -those always had it ,

3 -gta iv -ok 3 was good vice was good san andreas was brilliant now they go and take a major step backwards - no car shops that allowed you to customize cars you cant have more cars at crib then 2 at the most 3 if you squeeze one in , and you cant buy cribs missions repetitive like saints row without the fun

4- nascar 2008 - worst nascar game ever - its like your driving on wet rain with bald tires , - how easy it was for the ai to catch you and how easy you spun out , durring a race that gets boring , and frustrating at the same time , 09 is a good improvment 2011 is ok ,m

5-resistance fall of men /resistance series in general why is it everything ms does sony does , halo -kill zone gears resistance ya this never fails with sony , but any how why this game is 5 because its in between , i dont hate it but its borderline boring and fun at times,

6 the last 4 are on worst but aint to bad-- call of duty mw 2 - any version , why do they gotta release one every year is a good question , they did not change much from mw 2 vs 1 so why did they have to do this, its just a reskin world at war w mw back in , point is after a few rounds of live./psn multi it gets boring good thing is they did at least throw in split screen now why didnt they throw split screen in quantum of solace again?

7-gran turismo 5 - not only is the nascar portion unfinished, not enough tracks.!!!!!! and the license courses are too similar to gt 1 and 2 my opinion is why do we gotta keep taking these, this is a let down part ofthe game , -and wheres the classic cars again! i dont wanna drive a ram truck or a mini van what are they thinking

8 -guitar hero- its here for obvious reasons , if i wanted a guitar id buy one , this game /these games are boring

9 halo 3 ugh , , so boring , repetitive graphics are xbox ` 1 quality at best on a 360 i dont expect a game to look like a xbox one game

10 -banjo kazooie nuts and bolts! big disapointment im starting to question all the developers these days, it seams they just want to push garbage fpses or an ocasional good game, out the door , but rare, what has happened, they go from nintendo to be ms slaves who dont even care about the fans any more, they make a 3rd banjo kazooie tossing every bit of driving game into it , this is so boring , leave 3d platforming to nintendo because you obviously cant do much for the genre, but hurt it since 00 rare has not made a good game -ports on gba ds xblm dont count ,

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