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One of the best gaming deals ever 0

Words usually used to describe the Metroid Prime Trilogy: masterpiece, perfect, even ABC called it the "Citizen Kane" of gaming. Well now imagine them all being on one disc, well it's no dream anymore with Metroid Prime Trilogy.  I'm probably going to describe the new things added then going into deep detail about all 3 games, I could probably write a 20 page essay on all three games.  The new things added to this awesome package is, of course, Wii controller support for the 2 Gamecube games, wh...

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Punch Out!! Wii Review 0

It seems to have been a while since we've had a New Punch!! out game, probably around 15 years.  Well finally we're put back in Little Mac's shoes once again in Punch Out!! for the Wii.  First of all when I first looked at the menu screen and only saw a couple modes and no online play; I was pretty melancholy over the number of game modes offered.  But it was only till I started digging deep in the game that I found their was more then meets the eye.  The first mode of course is the Circuit mode...

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Amazing 0

All I can say is that Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is my 3rd favorite game ever (behind Mario 64 and SSBB) I can't saw much their are no flaws It's perfect and if you have never played it your lucky because you get to play one of the best games ever. Buy is, period....

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Simply One of The Best Video Games Ever Made 0

  After Super Mario 64 the Mario franchise has been in a slump. Sunshine was an okay game but nothing compared to Mario 64. Now Nintendo wanted to bring another Mario game to their consoles and boy is it amazing. Let me first say that Super Mario Galaxy the best Wii game yet and one of the Greatest Games Ever. Galaxy is bye far the best looking Wii game to date. Its graphics are the best looking Nintendo game ever. With fast load times slick menus I couldn't of asked for more. The game play is n...

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A Great Start for a Zelda DS Game 0

After playing Wind Waker I was in shock about great that game was and it got my pick for the best game of 2003. It had excellent graphics controls and puzzles. Everything a zelda fan like me could dream for. Then I heard about the sequel The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass and I was a little skeptical about the controls. But everything else looked great the graphics the story and even the multiplayer. So then I got it as a b-day present and as I new it was a sequel to Wind Waker so it still ha...

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