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  I guess I consider myself as a casual gamer in terms of competitive play, although in terms of overal appreciation, I'm up there. It all began with the Nintendo Game Boy and a little Soviet Union uncopyrighted game called Tetris. It was my brothers birthday and he got the coolest 'it' product to hit the shelves during the 80's. Having no idea what a computer game even was until then, I played it for the rest of his birthday and ran the batteries dry. I didnt really understand the rules, I was just amazed that you could control what was on the screen. To my surprise my dad let me know that I actually had my own console in the loft that would run on a television. The Sega Master System. Over the following years I went from someone that just enjoys to control whats on the screen to someone that played for its escapism and now to someone that appreciates games as a form of art, its casual entertainment and for its culture.
So here I am making video on video games. 
  Cya on the 'green' (Xbox live), if anyone wants to game, just drop me your gamer tag.