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@SSully: that it is dude! and thanks! =] u too!
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And low, on Karate day* I played video games.

And it was good.

So yeah, lets get through it…

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

A couple of months back I got to see one of the guys behind the game (Tameem Antoniades) talk in a BAFTA presentation about Enslaved’s design, aesthetic and inspiration. I was instantly caught up in the presentation- for one thing I recognised the mythologies behind it from a childhood TV show. And then there was Tameem’s overwhelming attention-grabbing on stage swagger. He appeared as an ‘Autor’ deeply engrossed in the finer elements of his creation. And/or slightly drunk. On like the cheapest wine.


But he caught my attention none the less. If there’s anything that will catch my attention aside from playing video games, its someone that’s talking about video games as if it were important. It was clear that the team behind Heavenly Sword had put some heart into this game, its got character, a heart and a soul.

And upon playing it this Christmas I/they were proven right. Playing Enslaved, makes me feel like I’m in an 80′s Jim Henderson’s adventure film. Yup.

To continue, its bright visuals, tough guy/independent woman archetypes and animal-istic scary robots feel straight from the cells of an 80′s fantasy adventure. The kind of thing missing in modern day Cinema.

But here it lives on, in a video game. A third person adventure is something itself missing from modern day gaming, thanks to the blockbusters of Halo’s and Blops’es.

I’ve managed to get to chapter 3 thus far, which I believe is quite early on in the game. 3 being a low number is my biggest indication of this. And having only played so much, I am quite welcome to include this as a personal nominee for best game of the year.

The Unreal engine looks pretty and fresh as opposed to the grim and greys of its founding Gears. The combat flows like a God of War. And there’s a looming twist that smells like Assassin’s Creed.

At around £17 its a steal. Rent/ buy if you like cool things.

Goldeneye (Wii)

I’ve had mixed ideas about this game from day one. First there was the annoying ‘ZOMG GOLDENEYE, IZ COMING BACK’ E3 trailer, which was kinda annoying Nintendo. Don’t do that again.

And then there was the fact that it would not actually have the same maps and or levels as its original, muchly over used title name, N64 classic.

But then there was some cool stuff. I got to play a little multiplayer Golden gun mode at Gamescom and it was fun.

Then came the know how that the guys behind Dead Space: Extraction are behind Goldeneye too. I heart DS: Extraction.

And then Craig Harris gave it a 9/10.

So, yeah, expectations kinda. raised. a. little.

After a few hours of play however, I’m fairly undecided on it. The single player just doesn’t feel like it has any ‘umph’ to it. COD4 had ‘umph’ in its single player, The Darkness had ‘umph’ in its single player, Chronicles of Riddick. ‘Umph’.

There’s the odd moment of ‘hey look, I kind of recognise that dam from the original Goldeneye, if I tilt my head and squint and drink lots’ And then there’s the ‘ooooo, nice intro with a Diana Ross sound-alike ‘Goldeneye’ remix’ . But other than that I was mostly left with ‘hmm, there’s a guy to shoot, there’s another, and another, oh hey…a guy. shoot’.
Yup, it seems there isn’t much to do other then shoot dudes in the face, which I guess isn’t a bad thing for a FPS to do, but I wanted more.

Like a neat laser watch.

As for the online multiplayer to my surprise… it works. No lag, quick matchmaking, full 8 player games. And it’s fun. Reaching that ‘Goldeneye’ nostalgia feels a stretch however, and you’re left with just enjoying a decent multiplayer game. This once again, is not a bad thing for a FPS to do.

Further impressions needed before final comment.


I have finally decided to use my free EA online pass trial on Hot Pursuit. And boy did I get my bum handed to me. But the ride was fun whilst it lasted. I can’t decide whether or not it’s more fun to be a Cop or a street racer. I think a Cop.

Karate Day* The day after Boxing Day, which is the Day after Xmas Day. Known as the day to watch The Karate Kid or to commence in some sort of Karate with an elder sibling.


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As I sit down and watch John McClane arrive in LA airport, with a stuffed belly and shot of whisky by my side, I write this blog, hoping I can finish it quickly so I can open the remainder of my presents.

But there is a wee bit of blogging to do on this merry night.

First up!

Here’s some of the haul-

What has become some what of a common present, a comic/narration from the ‘Serenity’ universe. (I don’t just have me wearing the hat on my profile pic just cause it makes me look good ya know)

and also Goldeneye and Enslaved! w00t! … which I also have not opened yet. So seriously, I gotta finish this blog.

Another reason for a quicker then post haste write up would be that I also need to try this years attempt at Sonic 2 on the Master System. But rather then filling you with more sentimental detail. Here’s a pretty video.

So until tomorrow,


Oh and wish me luck with Sonic 2

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@stinky: lol, hey I never said this blog was ever going to be cool or even remotely entertaining. Read at your own risk.  
oh and awesome news, will looks out for that cartoon. 
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my Tron facebook status review – epic visuals that reeked of ‘Tron’ neon cool, thumping Daft Punk score that could not of reflected the visuals better, decent sub standard adventure plot that delivered, Bridges on top dude-ism form, most comfortable 3D glasses yet although 3D still not blowing me away, plus Olivia Wilde’s pretty big animé eyes. 4/5 from a hardcore Tron fan.

And now, to expand. Kinda…

my very cool Tron XBL avatar gear.

Now Tron Legacy is not my favourite film of the year, as predicted. But it was my most highly anticipated, being a Tron fan. Not to mention a Daft Punk fan also.

Narratively it was basically a sub standard, fairly predictable adventure, but yet it delivered thanks to, well thanks to everything else in the film.


Jeff Bridges being a dude, the awesome neon CGI revving across the screen, Olivia Wilde’s BIG anime eyes, the very hip updated art style, Daft Punk’s score which could not of mirrored the awesome visuals better-it was like jam on toast on a cake.  oh and did I mention Olivia’s … eyes? they were pretty big. And pretty, well pretty.

my very comfortable 3D shades, which I got to keep this time

As a kid I used to watch Tron being almost completely mind blown by its visuals. The blue lights, the whizzing Frisbee’s and of course the light cycles (le sigh).

With Tron Legacy, although I will barely, just about agree with all the nerdz online that criticise its ‘simpleton’ story, I will however be mind blown by all the points mentioned above. And because of that, I look forward to the possible chance of a threequel.

Plus hey, we do need more Tron.

I may have worked at the Tron Legacy premiere party. And I may have met Jeff Bridges. And… I may have left the camera on film mode. Without flash.

And that’s it for this slightly larger then my Facebook review, … review. I’m about to head off to midnight Xmas mass, WHERE I shall be taking my DS with me. You know, just in case the priest dude starts to ramble about religion or something.

I shall hopefully be doing another cool blog post tomorrow, so until then, Merry Xmas gamers =]

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@Eidderf:  no way! awesome. I have to say Im on the exact same page with my thoughts of the night. And man that Panda short thing was rad, lol, am gonna have to chase it on amazon. I kinda thought the rest of the night bummed, in terms of films. Was an experience though.
And yeh Redline was pretty cool! am glad it was the first, therefore more awake.
you been to any thing else like that?
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@OutOfBounds9000:  kiss my ass
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Seriously guys, advertisement!? I'm pretty sure the guys that have been running the London international Sci Fi event for the past 9 years would not blog on a video games site on a random blog on the SAME night as the event. Just a thought for your 'flamming, troll, noob minded' people.
Secondly whats wrong with being gay, you homophobic moron.
And thirdly, Im pretty sure Jeff Gerstmann would not approve of you guys spamming my blog with that video. Why? cause its a pretty lame thing to do.
Thanks to Pazy, Beforet and Fallen for your comments. The rest of you need to grow up.

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Its pretty cool when your randomly invited to something thats awesome, just out of nowhere, to something you didnt even know exists. In my case it was to a manga all-nighter.

4 films, 1 Full Metal Alchemist preview, in a cinema, free energy drinks, coffee, DJ playing J-pop,snacks,and goody bags. And it ends at 7am.

So yeah, should be a good night. In about an hour I'll head off, Dr Who is just finishing off on BBC1, I'm doing this quick blog, get a bite to eat and then BAM. Let the marathon begin. Well after me and friend meet up before hand to game abit at the arcade.

Now, my plan to stay awake between the times of 12am-7am involves making use of the complimentary energy drinks and involving myself in any of the dancing that may happen in the disco (why does using the word 'disco' make me feel like a dork?) room during intermissions. If there is one. You know to keep the heart pumping. That plus a red bull or two before me and my buddy head in.

As for the films themeselves heres the list-

REDLINE (Japan 2009, 101 mins, Dir: Takeshi Koike)

MUSASHI: The Dream of the Last Samurai (Japan 2009, 72mins, Dir: Mizuho Nishikubo)

BLEACH THE MOVIE: The Diamond Dust Rebellion (Japan 2007, 92mins, Dir: Noriyuki Abe)

FATE/STAY NIGHT UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS (Japan 2010, 107mins, Dir: Kenichi)

You guys heard of any of these? Well I'm guessing you've all heard of Bleach right?

Here's a link to the site with the full details- LINK

Other then that, you guys all seen the trailer for CoD Black Ops? for a Treyarch game its looking pretty good. Almost up to Infinity Ward status

I'm really hoping it's gonna be something akin to the first mission in CoD4 and the sniper mission. Those were awesome and Spec Ops esque.

That's it for now, Roll out! and have an awesome weekend!


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@Abyssfull:  lmao! thanks man. You know people actually use to compare me to Max Payne. This is more my own doing, and my freinds being awesome enough to ho along with it.