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Thanks for the great read, Patrick.

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I'm not saying it's not good anymnore, it is, but I miss Ryan a lot. He had a way of leading the show that was absurdly smooth, and had a timing thar is simply impossible to reproduce.

I respect Jeff for doing away with any attempt at impersonating him, and creating his own unique vibe, but... it's just not the same. There's something missing, and I know what it is.

Never gonna stop listening to the 'cast, tho...

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Read the digital edition, and it looks totally sweet, man. Great project!

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Read the digital edition, and it looks totally sweet, man. Great project!

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If anybody is in doubt in terms of the actual game's quality, let me just take a few words here: it is goddamn amazing. I've beaten it 4 times and I'm still looking forward to two more runs to 100% it. It masters SMT:DS1's formula to a level I sincrely didn't think was possible.

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Great article, Patrick... I honestly wasn't a fan of your style back when you joined, but I think you managed to make it into something with a much better handle on the "Giant Bomb thing". Thanks for keeping improving and surprising us.

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I spent today attempting to get my head around Ryan's death... this was a man I admired so much, and hoped to meet in person some day. For him to die so young, it really leaves a hole in this very select circle of honest, intelligent commentators of this hobby we love so passionately.

Thank you so much for the laughs, the information, and your honest opinions, Ryan. You are a role model to be followed. If there is something else out there, I hope you can somehow feel all our feelings towards you, and how much your existence mattered, however short it was. Rest.

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Back then I didn't really enjoy Patrick's writing, but in his recent pieces on indie games I have been building a lot more respect for him. It's great to have someone to champion the indie scene here at the greatest videogaming site of all time.

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Peter M. is a pretty cool guy.

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This was actually pretty cool... calmed me down somewhat.

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