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haha yes! I do think you should make the public aware of the A&W trip episode as well. Glad I caught that one.

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This was one of my favorite games in 2013 and I still go back to it a lot. In atmosphere they build around the races just really sucked me in. Wish there was a little more character customization (take what I can get) but being able to pick my name ala Codemasters style would be legit.

Either way couldn't be more excited and don't care for a multiplatform release. Continuing to support their long customer base on both fronts in the way they are isn't a terrible idea. Xbox360 owners will be happy and maybe happy enough to upgrade to a Next Gen version if the game is worth it.

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As great as this is, It can only get greater... Or way worse. Either way I back this idea and love pizza.

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I don't really know what to post, since I only first heard about anyone at GB quite recently and all......I read about this incident on Giant Bombs Wikipedia page, but I never realized how much people thought of this guy...just that thought alone makes me feel sad about this :(

I know it's probably disrespectful to ask this, and I apologize if it is, but I am just wondering.... why, or did know...what caused his unfortunate passing?

It was never really made public knowledge to respect family wishes.

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Bananasaurus Rex is very similar to the popular Shark Banana seen here from Amazon.

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The report I've been waiting for.

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I'm very okay with this... and I actually read the whole article.

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The super-precise haptic feedback sounds pretty interesting. Valve has been speaking out against traditional controller inputs for sometime and their lack of practicality. It'll be interesting to see if Valve's can really come up with a new way that's more intuitive.

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*Hugs*... Come back to us Ryan. You should have been immortal.

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Ryan Davis was a local hero, game journalism's greatest, and everyone's best friend to all. @taswell You gave us so much. Abig thanks friend

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