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Guys if you're not out husslin' you might as well stay home.

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There was a single screenshot from a Mortal Kombat: The Movie video game that was in an EGM or Gamepro a million years back. It was a shot of Scorpions hell stage but all it really looked like was fire and it had no characters or HUD.

Dont come in here with Sheng-Long-ass claims. Lets see the scans!

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We got Street Fighter the movie the game. whats the fucking deal here?

I think this is the pivotal issue in video games right now.


Oh and I'm going to kick that son of a bitch Bison's ass so hard that the next Bison wannabe is gonna feel it.

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first and now this

lawd have mercy

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I'm going to get back in to D3 pretty soon. I'll join.
Gonna have to buy RoS, too.

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Also how can anyone possibly blame Nintendo??????

EA aren't entrenching themselves in their own closed off Ecosystem too??? Ever heard of Origin?

Multiple question marks???

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takes time to pikachu, breh.

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guys they are making fun of the WiiU's comparatively modest hardware specs u guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys.

To be fair the WiiU is fucking dying for anything third party but anyway.

Is this just more heckling stemming from the souring of EA & Nintendo?

Conspiracy Theory: EA fucking hates the shit out of Nintendo right now because EA made bank off Nintendo platforms for like a billion straight years. They probably (and correctly) think Nintendo is cutting out third party on purpose in order to restructure and start killing it with first party shit like its 1995.


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wasn't there a good fishing game for Dreamcast?