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@dixavd said:

In other news: radio is dying, no one reads books, people don't play sports and we're all going to inevitably sell our bodies to apple when they announce how to integrate our brains directly into iOS.

I like how you took factual news and then tried to downplay it with other false over-exaggerated topics that do not even relate to the news story at hand. People who have no defense usually resort to such tactics.

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In the end it doesn't matter what you put in a console, because after a year or less its all outdated anyway. Consoles have other strengths, but having the best hardware is not one of them. So just get over it.

Outdated technically maybe. The amount of pc gamers who will have rigs more powerful than PS4 will be very small. Hell, the average pc specs in the steam survey of users is weaker than ps3 and 360 and its fucking 2013. Lots of pc people like to talk about their high end rigs but the majority of pc gamers dont have rigs anywhere near that

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SF 4 sold very well. Its been forever, why havent they released a new one?

Where the hell has Jak been? A whole gen with no jak. Is Sony just going to bury an amazing franchise like Microsoft did to Rare's games? Enough with the fuckin Uncharted series, give it a rest, jak deserves a new sequel before that series comes back. Naughty God knows how to squeeze everything out of hardware, Jak 4 could look like a LEGIT Pixar movie.

What the hell happened the PoP? It was afar better series than Ass Creed. Ass Creed has turned into the year CoD milking, so why not bring back its spirtual predecessor and either give ass creed a 2 year break, or maybe even rotate them every year giving 2 year life cycles. Stop the fucking CoD formula and bring back an amazing series for fucks sake Ubi.

Have ANY of you heard anything about these 3 series at all online/ rumors etc...? I am dying to see them reborn on next gen hardware

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@lord_xp said:

@sooty: I was talking in reference to the Ps4. Ps3 was a nightmare to code on.

Wasn't PS3 the second most nightmarish console to code for? Or was it the worst? I heard the Sega Saturn (with its two CPU's) was the worst

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@draugen said:

I honestly don't see the issue here. New consoles are a good thing, since PC games don't have to be hamstrung by the old ones any more. So better games for all. If the consoles perform worse, at least they'll perform alot better than the old ones. If they perform better, I'll have a goal with my next PC build : to outdo them. Everybody wins.

Wish everyone thought of gaming like you. SO many devs on console are going 60 fps.

They understand now that gamers DO appreciate 60 fps after COD sales. Yes, you may say COD doesnt sell because its 60 fps, but I disagree, a lot of gamers DO feel how much more responsive it is compared to other FPS's and thats probably why they only keep buying COD, because other ones dont feel nearly as good and smooth to play to them. Many casual COD gamers I know even told me this.

And no, devs won't "drop" 60 fps. Its not like franchises on 360/ps3 started 60 fps and then dropped to 30fps later in their lives. That a load of BS.

Halo, Titanfall, MGS, Battlefield, Drive Club, Assasins Creed, Smash Bros, The Division. I wouldn't be surprised to see other devs flocking to this new emerging console standard of 108060! It could be like SNES era all over again, almost every game 60 fps soon?

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@caesius6: Yep, that looked great too. I am hoping Rockstar releases a PS4/Xbox One version of GTA V when they ship the PC version ( probably 6 months later?), thats 60 fps and has the same high textures of the pc version. That would be awesome. I can't help but think that GTA V trailer was touched up, no way can the PS3 (it had the control inputs in the trailer) look like that trailer.

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@joshwent said:

@marktheslark: Your opinion is a valid one. Maybe there are ways of grieving that inadvertently make it worse? Maybe it's important to consider that you never directly interacted with a person you mourn for? And maybe, you could have said that first.

What you did say came off as a new person to the site belittling the death of one of its beloved founders and shaming people for trying to honor him by simply playing games he liked. When you say things like:

This is going a bit overboard. Its sad he died, but enough already with the threads. And you never even met him, come on really...

And then quickly follow it up with:

I'm just trying to help the guy get positive and don't be so depressed over it.

Sorry buddy but no, you're just not. If you have nothing to add, just let people be.

I apologize if it came across that way. I just see people who never met him getting a tattoo of him ( permanent and could easily regret it someday) and getting depressed is not good for ones health.

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@caesius6 said:

@marktheslark said:

@mr_skeleton said:

Can you spy the fanboy?

I am a fanboy for thinking its the best looking game I have ever seen? How childish are you?

I think he was referring to you saying that the PS4 has the game, when it's coming out for both systems and the video was originally shown live for Xbox One.

As to whether the 60 fps is something only the PS4 is pulling off, I have not the slightest, but I think both would be able to handle that.

But if that's not what he was referring to than I am just as confused as you are.

Lol, I forgot MGS V is multiplat and changed it. If he thinks I am a fanboy I will gladly post a pic of my Xbox 360 to make him look foolish.

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