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There's no terror if there's no penalty for failure 0

Most video games are structured in such a way that the player character's life is in danger. You can die by falling from a platform, or getting gunned down by your enemies, or being eaten by monsters.So what separates a horror game from any other? Horror games alter the relationship between player and game through two mechanisms: they balance combat to be unfavorable to the player, and they contextualize the gameplay in the conventions of the horror genre (minimal lighting, grim imagery, ominous...

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I developed hand tremors after playing Vanquish. Coincidence? Almost certainly. 0

Vanquish is Gears of War, but fast. It’s a chrome-armored cover-based third-person shooter, but instead of roadie running you fly around on your knees propelled by a jetpack.After each session of playing Vanquish I felt like I was having heart palpitations. I felt like a kid buzzing after binging on candy and cartoons. I have never done yoga before – I tried it for the first time after playing three straight hours of Vanquish. With my eyes closed and my breath slowed, I saw images of robots expl...

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