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I know some people were saying that Murdered: Soul Suspect game was supposed to be kind of interesting, but I haven't played it myself so I can't say for sure.

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Not loving the logo; kinda looks like a racing game.

Maybe this time it really is Persona: Tokyo Drift?!

Bow Wow as Teddy

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Hey look, it's the crowd from Tokyo Drift!


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*glances at my numerous forum posts about the need for more co-op in games*

...I'm ok with this.

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That finale was awesome but jeez...poor Korra.

Yeah really. I skipped season 2 as advised by many, but season 1 ended with her contemplating suicide, and now this. Girl can't catch a break. Although having all the Airbenders become the Avatar Corps is a cool idea (and totally won't cause any problems at all...)

I'm really not surprised that Nick didn't air these episodes though. Off-screen exploding heads and explicit torture sequences do not a kid's show make.

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I hadn't heard of Mordheim until the British-with-a-capital-B game site RPS did a brief preview of it yesterday, but it sounds like exactly what I want from squad-based tactical games. Everything's super customizable, and while it has permadeath whatever, there's also broken bones and loss of limb. Not just a shrunken health bar, or XCOM's putting soldiers on the back burner, but straight up permanent body damage. Which is probably a gross thing to be excited about, but considering the last time I remember seeing anything like that was MechWarrior 4, I'm pretty psyched (even if it is apparently randomized, and not based on game physics or whatever).

All my characters by the end of the game, probably.

The Fantasy version of Warhammer tends to get pushed to the side in favor of 40K. Chainsaw swords bring all the boys to the yard, etc. It's still fairly early in development, but I have to say, this sounds unique enough to be worth keeping an eye on, even with Divinity and the new Dragon Age already filling the party-based fantasy slots for the rest of this year.

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Well at least this week isn't a total wash. Excellent news!

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@conmulligan: Sorry I didn't mean to be racist. OR wait, I mean sexist. Maybe both.

I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean.

Just ignore him.There's nothing absurd about someone A) showing discomfort with a person claiming to make an accurate representation of their hometown and then apparently leaving out a significant portion of it, or B) having to explicitly say they are not making any accusations of racism because they knows people will assume they're making a knee-jerk accusation and ignore their actual argument.

$5 says most people don't even realize she's talking about how the game was portrayed prior to release, not the game itself.

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It seems once powerful words such as 'racist' are being eroded well past the point of their original premise.

Probably why she clarifies that she won't call it racist.