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My god is the sun, yes, thank you for asking.


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Totally forgot about this and then worried it had already started. So, umm... Should we just proceed as is?

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So some of you may be watching the CW for your Arrows, or your Flashes, or whatever. But there's this other show called The 100 that you probably haven't been watching. Maybe you saw the first couple episodes and were like, 'oh, this is just dumb teen survivalist drama nonsense, a Lost/Hunger Games knockoff that I don't need to waste my time on.' And that wouldn't be an inaccurate initial assessment. Suffice to say, it improves considerably. If you wanted to like The Walking Dead, but wish it wasn't so insufferably boring, this is the show for you.

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Bla bla bla, go watch it, then come back here so we can talk about it. Talk about it BECAUSE (Big Dang Spoilers drumroll please):

This is basically Fallout 3: The TV Show. At first you just have general things like the Grounders = Raiders and two-headed animals, or the Capital Wasteland via TV-friendly Vancouver standing in for Loudoun County. Or Isaiah Washington's character being the Overseer to the Ark's Vault 101. But then!Then you have the Mt. Weather arc being a combination of Tenpenny Tower and that Arefu(?) vampire cult from the beginning of the game(which goes even deeper, because Bellamy's inside man shenanigans were reminiscent of Shadow Complex, but since they're basically vampires that technically makes it more a straight Castlevania riff, I guess?)And then, the season 2 finale revealed the City of Light to actually be a combo of Point Lookout and President John Henry Eden, right down to the 'use this to access the DLC' boat.

I'm not saying this as a bad thing, necessarily. I love the show, it's fun even when it's being kinda stupid, but I've never seen a show crib this heavily from games in general, let alone just the one. Admittedly, a post-nuclear apocalypse show will cover a lot of similar territory, but it's even the more general stuff, like how the darker aspects in season 2 are reminiscent of the bad karma decisions. Maybe some of it could be considered standard sci-fi tropes, but still. Has anyone else been watching? Do you see what I'm talking about?

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I understand why they could not show them kissing, but I did feel a little frustrated because the kids that I know would not have batted an eye, in fact they would probably have just said "Ewww they're kissing!" like most kids do.

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I really, REALLY wish they had committed to that ending fully. I understand why they couldn't (and seeing that ending made me realize why we had all the confusion about whether the show should be online only or not), but still.

Actual kissing would have shifted the emotional focus, for the worse IMO. It's not about them 'getting together', it's about them being together. What makes that scene great is true regardless of the supposed ambiguity. Something that could be dismissed as 'ew, smooches' wouldn't have been nearly as effective.

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I hope this doesn't become what people focus entirely on from this episode, though, because obviously the highlight was Tahno bustin' loose on that trombone.

Everything Zhu-li in the episode was the highlight for me. From there are no more things left to do to the kiss it was all hysterical.

"The wondrous, and at times inexplicable bond..."

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The only thing that disappointed me a little was that they never showed her coming back in contact with her past lives. That's a tad depressing.

The way I saw it was, this is going to be the next 10,000 years of Avatars, so the cycle is starting anew in every sense. Sad that they're gone, but it leaves room for the new guys.

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@liquidprince: I think it's one of those things they're going to leave for people to interpret however they see fit. I mean, really, you can't watch that scene and tell me they weren't at least hinting at its possibility. (That or they just wanted to feed tumblr for the next 15 years)

Oh, the hinting was strong. The double hand hold and facing each other moment will feed Tumblr forever. It's the kind of thing that will sort of drive me mad though... I want a definite answer.

I think it's like the end of season 1 when she almost committed suicide: you might not realize that's what happened at first, but there's really no other explanation for it. There've been a few scenes earlier in the season that people argue hinted at it - which honestly I thought they were reading way too much into, but in conjunction with that scene it's pretty unmistakeable what their intent was. Which, again, the whole thing was wonderfully done, much more so than I really expected.

I hope this doesn't become what people focus entirely on from this episode, though, because obviously the highlight was Tahno bustin' loose on that trombone.

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Goddam. That was beautiful.

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I know some people were saying that Murdered: Soul Suspect game was supposed to be kind of interesting, but I haven't played it myself so I can't say for sure.