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@SeriouslyNow: Dude. Chill out. The man asked an honest, albeit dumb, question. That's no reason to call him a hick and proclaim your hate of an entire nation. He didn't appear to try to offend anyone, he just wanted to contribute to the conversation. Sometimes you have to accommodate uninformed comments, and at least this one had fairly good intentions (I think). And before you accuse me of being ignorant or whatever, I hate my government, I know about the bullshit legislation that gets passed by the US Congress, and I know Obama is really no better than Bush. All I ask is that you show some restraint when it comes to bashing an entire people because of one comment. 
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And on the other end of the heaviness spectrum: 
   Two very different (but still excellent) bands
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I like how people on this thread seem to confuse creativity and technical issues. Good job everybody. 
Anyway, I think Mr. Olin speaks the truth

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Yep. That was terrible

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I want them to abandon all pretenses of the 'Dead Space' being a horror series and just make a straightforward, more honest bloody third person shooter with fairly cool looking things to shoot.  The first Dead Space was a good as a shooter. As a horror experience, not so much. 

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Well, if you ignore the side-stuff completely, you can finish the core game in about 8 hours

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I agree all the way. I didn't love AC2, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Brotherhood really didn't do anything for me, mainly for the reasons you specified. I really hated the whole "100 percent" synchronization idea as well, because it was even more restricting. It boggles my mind that the GB crew loved this game so much. 
By the way, I don' know how far you are, but the last two DNA sequences are terrible. Absolutely awful. So, just be ready for that. 

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'Best Late Title Card' needs to return

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      I agree wholeheartedly. Halo's lack of large scale battles is completely based on its style of play. Halo only catches so much grief for this is that this A.I. based style of first-person shooter has gone out of fashion since COD 4. Spectacle of events has replaced the substance of core combat mechanics and A.I. (Don't get me wrong, the spectacle of the COD/MW games is what makes them great, but the mechanics are nothing special whatsoever.) 
      However, a lack of sense of scale is not excusable, even for A.I. driven combat. What Halo Reach does very well though, is presenting the illusion of a larger scale war going on, while you are engaged in smaller firefights. Halo 3 didn't do this, and the quality of the campaign suffered for it. The battles felt even smaller and less important. But like I said, Halo Reach had those extra details that made the game's events seem epic, regardless of their actual size.

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"Mutiny Within" from the band of the same name. Just a great debut album. Went to see them live too, and they were fantastic. Really cool guys in general too.