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Kids can press the wrong buttons and end up deleting someone

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It's a fifth Spider-Man movie; people can't still be all that jazzed to watch Spidey some more.

42.7 million, Bob!

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If you don't want to play the stock game you could always invest in bonds. Getting guaranteed interest paid to you semi/annually along with a full return of your initial investment on your bonds' maturity dates is as next to risk free as it's gonna get. Though I would highly suggest you seek out professional advice. I get the feeling a video game forum might not be the best place for investment tips.

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@michael_katarn: The only significant changes that I really care about are the 60fps and anti-aliasing (my understanding is the game's own AA is poop.) If you're fine with the lower frame rate and resolution then it's still a phenomenal game.

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I had this exact problem when my Dark Souls itch flared up recently, turned out my DSFix was out of date. Perhaps you have some files lingering in the Dark Souls folder from when you tried getting DSFix set up?

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Only been playing for a week, but I think I'm addicted enough to take the plunge and join Heavy Industries.

In-game name is Marmalade-Jelly. Thanks. :)

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All hail the Rock God!

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@breadfan: It has never been easier to breed for stats than it is now. In this generation, if either parent pokemon is holding a Destiny Knot, the child will inherit five of the parents' stats. Also keep in mind that 'mons caught in the friend safari have two guaranteed maxed IVs.

Simply using safari 'mons to breed and attaching a Destiny Knot already has you more than halfway to breeding perfect pookey mens.

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Usually I would complete the "story" with my starter before tucking it away from the post game madness, where all the fun IV breeding and EV training happens, but this generation I ended up stuffing my poor little Delphox into a box early on, as my original team ended up way too over leveled after only a couple badges. Taking advantage of the pokemon-aime exp boost, o-power exp boost, and the revamped exp share really makes the pikamons level up insanely fast.

I might just bring back Delphox when I get to the Elite Four. Just wouldn't feel right wrapping things up without her there.