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Posted by Marmaladebrat

Picked up some more old games at the flea market today, four games for $10. I got four NES games in fact; Paperboy, Talespin, R.C Pro-Am and Metal Gear. Not a bad haul at all for $10.  
I am pretty happy about the Metal Gear and R.C. Pro-Am. The girlfriend really wanted Paperboy and Talespin.

Posted by Binman88

Awesome. Love getting stuff like that at car boot or school sales. Haven't been to one in about 6 or 7 years though. Last ones I was at I picked up a bunch of MegaDrive games; one year I bought a MegaDrive with 4 controllers and a bunch of games for five Euro! (it helped that I was working on the stand and got the first pick of the stuff that people gave to us to sell)

Posted by ReyGitano

Paperboy is one fun game.

Posted by destruktive

Not too shabby for $10
All being good games and all :D
I really need to get Metal Gear though.. I hate the fact that I only have Snakes revenge :S

Posted by Marmaladebrat
@destruktive: Thanks. I gotta get back out there and do some more looking, but my weekends have been tied up lately.