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Good to hear about a game for more people, including the blind. Just wondering has anyone here ever experienced Kenji Eno's Real Sound:The Wind's Regret?

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I liked all the interns. I'm glad they are all still making an attempt in the biz. CBS Interactive/Gamespot/GiantBomb should hire them.

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Feeling a little better about Ouya. They need to score a few more of these. How about Republique?

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Pretty funny thread title. I run into the same problem all the time when I "check in" places and tweet. I'll write about listening to the Giant Bombcast while at Penn Station or other places while working in New York and get plenty of strange comments.

As fas as a few places to visit:

  • Nintendo World is worth a visit, they have some cool t-shirts and other things.
  • Playstation Lounge, 550 Madison Avenue, has sometimes got some cool stuff. (They had Uncharted 3 playable in the store a couple of weeks before release for example)
  • Barcade Brooklyn, a bar in Brooklyn that serves US craft beers and has many vintage stand-up arcade machines
  • Barcade Jersey City, they have a location in Jersey City, NJ too
  • Video Games New York video game store, 202 East 6th Street, they have some good old retro and import games here
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Thanks Patrick. Please keep doing this.Good stuff.

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Good story. Keep it up.

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Wow, Mounts may have been the easiest quest yet. But I still liked it.

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I have a nintendo DSi and have played The World Ends With You, Professor Layton and Pokemon.

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I liked the Happy Hour. The last couple were not that great. I think it was especially hard for the Screened and Tested crews, but Giant Bomb and Comic VIne still seemed to be pumping out some good content on the Happy Hour. I hope they still do it once in a while.

I agree with the comment about Jeff's Jar Time. I like that and seeing some of Jeff;s collection. I could see Jeff answering questions or talking about a particular subject for a while. How about a Jar Time about the Neo Geo console or the TuboGrafx16?